Motorola introduces featurephone killer Moto E

Probably more important is Moto G with 4G news

moto getting its ducks in a row - kerr

Today’s big news from Motorola centred on the Moto E which is priced at a level [£89 ($150) SIMfree] which the company claims will help to kill off the featurephone. According to Rob Kerr, a mobiles expert with, “It’s clear Moto is getting its ducks in a row as it moves away from Google, to new owners Lenovo, which has bold ambitions to target the 70 per cent of the world’s population still using featurephones.” Yet the the Moto E is no match for the more powerful Moto G  [released in 2013] – which simply has superior specs to the E. Today Motorola announced a 4G version (see Update) of the Moto G at £149 ($250) which is just £14 higher than the previous iteration. “With data now top priority for many mobile buyers, this is a smart move,” Kerr suggested.

“The 4G Moto G will now be a challenger to the likes of the EE-branded Kestrel Android phone, with its £99 ($165) price tag, as it’s set to be available across multiple networks, and not just confined to EE,” Kerr explained.

He added, “[The lack of ] 4G held back the first generation Moto G from being a top phone, but now all the boxes are ticked.”

Nonetheless, the 4.3-inch, 256ppi, dual-core, customisable, Moto E might find some fans. In certain territories (which GoMo News strong suspects will include India), there will be the crucial Dual SIM version of the E.

As GoMo News has pointed out previously ’2014 is the year of dual SIM support‘.

However, as Rob Kerr suggests “A decent handset with a price tag of under £90 ($152) is certainly going to be an attractive proposition for first-time smartphone buyers.”

“The Moto E puts the latest KitKat version of Android into the hands of those on even the lowest budgets,” he added.

GoMo News has put in a call to Motorola in the UK to get confirmation of which LTE bands the Moto G with 4G will support.

Motorola might be calling this version the ‘Universal LTE’ model of Moto G. The information we found defintely related only to the USA not the UK where we need support for  the 3, 7 and 20 Bands.

UPDATE: Motorola has confirmed that it is Bands 1, 3, 7, 8 and 20 for Europe.

See here for the Moto E’s full technical specs. Note – there’s no front facing camera for video calling.

Read the full Moto E & Moto  G/4G Press release here.

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2 Responses to Motorola introduces featurephone killer Moto E

  1. Sandro says:

    Thank you!
    You’re actually the only website showing the official LTE bands for Europe! Do you have any idea if 3G is limited to 21mbit or if it supports 42mbit dual-cell?

  2. Tony Dennis says:

    Will try to find out for you. & thanks

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