Motorola RAZR i pricing made available to Brits

Rating: No news on availability, though

Some good news for Brits anxious to get their hands on Motorola’s very latest RAZR variant – the ‘i’. (See our previous story here). The company has just put out details from five of its distribution partners: – Virgin Media, Tesco, T-Mobile, Orange and Phones 4 U. The update hints at how much you could expect to pay for this handset but still actually doesn’t confirm any release date. GoMobile News is still investigating the pre-release version which Motorola kindly loaned to us. We fully intend to pass on the bugs which we discover.Here’s a curious one – Virgin Media apparently seems to be coming in cheapest at £23 per month. However, if you search the site, there’s still no information currently.

What’s curious is that the ‘i’ will be the first Motorola handset Virgin Mobile is actually ranging. There are no other Motorola models mentioned on its site here.

It seems that Phones 4 U is the most proactive distributor. Not only does it provide full specs on this device here, but i fans can also register their interest in this handset (and therefore discover the launch date) by going here.

It does seem a bit obvious but both Orange and T-Mobile will be offering the RAZR i at the same price – free from £31 per month on a 24 month plan.

Incidentally, we all know that Orange and T-Mobile are part of the same company – EE. But has anyone seen the EE symbol show up on their handset yet?

Our loan handset is still showing Orange T-Mobile as the carrier.

We’ve yet to see how the marketing machine that is Intel will be doing its bit to promote the ‘i’ which utilises its flagship mobile processor.

Just out of curiosity. Do you think Apple is going to sue Motorola for use of he letter ‘i’? After all, it is Motorola’s only ‘i’ phone. Tee-he.

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