Motorola Solutions hoping to shake up mobile app development

Introduces RhoMobile Suite with loads of features but @ competitive price

mobile app dev has been frustrating - kirstein

Transparency of pricing isn’t exactly forthcoming in the app development industry. This is something which the RhoMobile Suite v5.0 just released by Motorola Solutionsis hopefully addressing. Unconfirmed reports say that the likes of Appcelerator and Big Blue’s [IBM's] Worklight are considerably more expensive. Those suppliers who are closer in price such as Xamarin and PhoneGap don’t offer the range of features RhoMobile does, according to our mole. Such features including development capabilities like synchronisation, push, and app management.

Using their existing web skills to build native mobile apps, developers should be able to deploy RhoMobile Suite to write an app once and run it on any mobile device, any operating system.

“As enterprises are all too aware, pricing for mobile development platforms has long been frustrating,” commented Mark Kirstein, senior director of Enterprise Software with Motorola Solutions.

He added, “With RhoMobile Suite 5.0, our core open-source framework, Rhodes, is free and if you choose advanced value-added features, you can easily upgrade and know your exact costs.”

Developers can create apps using web technologies, such as CSS3, HTML5, JavaScript and Ruby. These mobile development services are offered in the cloud and include hosted build, synchronisation and application management.

Even better news is the fact that the basic app framework and RhoStudio are free to use. You have to pay to use Silver and Gold versions.

These offer RhoElements (enhanced enterprise features such as barcode reading and automatic data encryption), Cloud Build and the Visual Studio plug-in.

Developers can purchase licensing here and receive one month of free services.

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  2. Ainslie says:

    Introduces RhoMobile Suite with loads of features……Developers can create apps using web technologies, such as CSS3, HTML5, JavaScript and Ruby.

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