MWC 2009: Gigafone claims that Ochre will revolutionise mobile advertising

Gigafone has announced a new advertising service at Mobile World Congress. Ochre is launching with nine partners in planning, creation, delivery and measurement. The service represents a move into a broader advertising platform, which will let anyone play with powerful analytics. Andrew Grill, Head of Business Development at Gigafone, gave us an insight into Ochre.

Gigafone has nine partners on board for the service, which will specialise in making sure that an ad is served through the most appropriate channel. Combining powerful analytics with a feedback process from it’s nine partners, Ochre will ensure that any ad campaign is place on the channel that suits it best. Gigafone receives a lot of requests from clients as to the best place to publish a given campaign. Andrew Grill said “At the moment all the ad agencies talk about is reach, but the challenge is that mobile advertising will become much more measurable. It’s not just about reach anymore, it’s about relevance. If I get an ad for Richard and Judy on my device then that’s a complete waste. We’ve listened to advertisers, and we know what the market is like. The Ochre platform is like a brain, every time something happens we learn from it. We will not run any blind campaigns.”

The Nine Partners:

Xtract – creates 3D user profiles for internet and mobile marketing
Vizimo -  personalisation and discovery technology for TV, web and mobile content.
Palringo – location-based Instant Messaging service for mobile
AditOn – Targeted idle screen advertising
Yodel Digital – UK’s first independent mobile advertising planning and buying agency
Icom Group – Product developer for mobile and web, centred on promoting festivals, events and exhibitions
Liquid Air Lab – has developed its own advertising network and today is a leader in podcast and in-game mobile advertising
Sponge Group -  UK mobile marketing agency
OwnSkin is an online theme creator that allows consumers to personalise their mobile with their own theme and content

From the release:

“Ochre will remove the barriers holding back growth in mobile advertising by removing risk from the mobile channel and fostering creativity,” said Gregory Khaldey, Chief Executive Officer and President of Gigafone. “With launch partners in planning, creation, distribution and measurement, Ochre enables brands and agencies to experiment with mobile and track the results. Brands and agencies can then use those results to plan their next campaign – perhaps with different creative and distribution channel. It really will end the fragmentation threatening to curtail mobile advertising’s potential – to the benefit of the entire ecosystem.”

What we think?

The main philosophy behind Ochre is one that appeals to me a lot. Rather than try to tackle every problem itself, Gigafone is creating an open marketplace where the most suitable agency available can handle a campaign. Andrew Grill said that feedback is an important part of the Ochre service – so that when one agency runs a campaign, that experience is fed back to Ochre. This is another big step towards proper convergence and cohesion in the mobile Internet market.

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