MWC: Huawei & Vodafone jointly unveil world’s 1st FDD & TDD convergence carrier aggregation

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ca enable us to utilise spectrum efficiently - salvadori

February 25th 2014. Huawei, a leading global information and communications technology (ICT) solutions provider, has announced it will jointly unveil with Vodafone the world’s first LTE-Advanced FDD+TDD Convergence Carrier Aggregation (CA) solution at Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2014 in Barcelona. Following the successful demonstration of the world’s first LTE-A HetNet Carrier Aggregation (CA) at Mobile World Congress last year [201], Vodafone and Huawei are poised to mark another milestone in the development and commercialisation of LTE-Advanced network technology by achieving a single user peak downlink speed of more than 500 Mbit/s – the world’s fastest, at this year’s MWC.

The demonstration, involving 3 FDD carriers and 1 TDD carrier, will shed light on the unprecedented speed and capacity LTE FDD and TDD CA is capable of delivering to end users.

Carrier Aggregation answers the quest by operators in search of solutions to effectively utilize existing spectrum assets for greater capacity by combining multiple carriers to significantly improve utilization of spectrum resources, peak user data rates and throughput.

Vodafone currently has 800 MHz, 1800 MHz, and 2600 MHz, a total of 50 MHz spectrum bandwidth in FDD mode and 20 MHz of 2600 MHz in TDD mode in Spain.

This latest breakthrough in FDD+TDD Carrier Aggregation technology will boost Vodafone’s network capacity in the country and enable the operator to have more flexibility in deploying 2CC and 3CC CA solutions in the future.

Vodafone first rolled out its 1800 MHz and 2600 MHz commercial LTE services in the main cities of Spain at the beginning of 2013, with a peak speed of 150Mbps/user.

With this successful trial of the FDD+TDD Carrier Aggregation solution with Huawei, Spain is set to be one of the “fastest” digital countries in the world.

Kevin Salvadori, director of group technology strategy & operations with Vodafone, said, “Vodafone and Huawei have enjoyed a long-standing and fruitful partnership in the creation of new technologies.”

“At this year’s MWC in Barcelona, we will jointly demonstrate our latest collaboration on FDD and TDD Carrier Aggregation solution.

“With Vodafone’s spectrum resource, Carrier Aggregation would enable us to utilise our spectrum more efficiently to provide innovative services and a better experience to our customers.”

“It is key milestone in our cooperation with Vodafone. We worked together with Vodafone on demonstrating FDD and TDD Carrier Aggregation, the maximum speed could reach 500 Mbit/s,” said Yang Chaobin, CMO for wireless network business unit with Huawei.

“This means operators can make more efficient utilization of their spectrum asset, which is really a great achievement in LTE-Advanced deployment. This is not only milestone between Vodafone and Huawei, but also milestone in wireless industry.”

LTE-A FDD+TDD Carrier Aggregation was developed jointly by Vodafone and Huawei.

The technology significantly improves utilisation of spectrum resources, increases peak user data rates and throughput, and reduces operator deployment and operation costs.

It is expected to revolutionise user experience by allowing networks to meet bandwidth requirements of data-heavy applications, establishing an industry milestone and demonstrating Vodafone and Huawei’s leadership in LTE-Advanced network innovation.

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