MWC: Spot the Nokia X deliberate mistake

Is it SkyDrive or OneDrive? BBM launched or not?

spot the skydrive icon with the nokia x

Whilst trawling through all the information supplied on the biggest U-turn in cellular history – Nokia selling Android phones, we spotted the deliberate mistake. Take a look at the promotional pictures of the Nokia X and you can clearly see an icon bearing the name for Microsoft’s cloud based service. SkyDrive. But it should be OneDrive. The company renamed the service OneDrive five days ago from SkyDrive after losing a bout with those arch haters of free information- the British Sky Broadcasting Group (BSkyB). Although to give the company its due, the ordinary British consumer would assume that SkyDrive was one of BSkyB’s products.

Obviously Nokia didn’t have enough time to make the changes. Especially since those same promotional images had already been leaked at least four days ago.

But it might well explain the confusion over whether BBM for the Nokia X is already shipping or whether it will emerge a little while from now.

Microsoft has clearly stated that in some markets the Nokia X is available today [February 24th 2014].

So, since BBM is one of the Nokia’s X’s embedded apps, it is by definition shipping.

However, having checked with the official Nokia Store @, you can’t actually change your default handset to a Nokia X yet.

So, BlackBerry is right when it says that consumers will have to wait a while for BBM to appear in the Nokia Store.

It isn’t just us going mad here at GoMo Towers.

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