MWC: The most talked about brands in MWC 2014 run-up

Are punters expecting some big Nokia announcement @ MWC?

do mnos compete or collaboration with social - cross

It seems that Hotwire and 33 Digital have been running a little analysis of the #MWC14 hashtag in the run up to MWC Barcelona 2014. They’ve worked out the Top Five brands being talked about and in @ No.1 is none other than Nokia with 7,584 mentions. Which is very interesting. We’re far less surprised that Samsung is second 5,869 mentions. In at third with 5,036 mentions is LG (which we wouldn’t have anticpiated whilst at four is Blackberry with 1,072 mentions. Facebook is fifth with 905 mentions.

The pair say that Facebook’s social media monopoly will inevitably shake up the playing field as their search volume is significantly higher than rivals.

GoMo News reckons that it is also a spin-off from the mega news that Facebook just bought WhatsApp.

Let’s compare that to the total tweets back in #MWC13 with 136,916 mentions

The Top Five mobile brands being talked about were Nokia (5,840 mentions); Ericsson (4,645 mentions); Samsung (4,411 mentions) Firefox (3,085 mentions) and ASUS -(2,183 mentions).

The buzz around Firefox was cause by the release of its mobile OS, of course.

Curiously the fact that Ericsson featured so heavily but is nowhere in 2014 seems to reflect GoMo News’ general impression that for some reason the big infrastructure supplier went very, very quiet in 2013.

Matt Cross, deputy with Hotwire/ 33 Digital UK, commented,” MWC has traditionally been the place for mobile operators and handset providers to showcase the coolest, most innovative mobile technology.”

He continued, “However, with Mark Zuckerberg waiting in the wings to take on the keynote speech, we can expect an increasing focus on social at this year’s show.”

“With Facebook’s acquisition of mobile messaging service WhatsApp this week alongside Rakuten’s acquisition of Viber, mobile giants such as Nokia and Ericsson will battle for social share of voice with non-traditional mobile and OTT providers.”

“This will raise an important question for mobile operators at MWC 2014 – do we work in competition or collaboration with Facebook in order to maintain market share?”

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