MWC: Unbelievable rumour that Nokia will embrace Android

Nokia X or Normandy will run Android KitKat

we think this is a photoshop job

Now we’ve come across some unbelievable rumours in our time but never one as astonishing as the fact that the Finish based handset supplier will finally release a handset that runs the Android mobile OS. [Update: It has]. In fact, the speculation says it will be running KitKat (version 4.2). Microsoft has all but acquired the handset vendor and after seeing its share price nosedive because of its stubborn resistance to Google’s OS, has now suddenly changed its mind? GoMo News simply can’t believe it.

Now there is always an element of truth in a rumour as big as this one (where most of the reports seem to be coming out of Asia an India in particular).

So we are going to speculate on what Nokia/Microsoft might really be up to.

The first clue to the fact the suggestion sounds implausible is also the supposed price tag – £66 or $110.

We reckon that price is potentially lower than the build cost. After all it is supposed to sport a dual-core 1GHz Snapdragon processor plus 512MB RAM.

Other features are a 4-inch screen; five megapixel camera a microSD card slot and 4GB of internal storage.

Besides the fact that Nokia is no longer a true ODM manufacturer, it would actually have to pay for the Android OS licence, too.

Another clue is that according to T3 here, the device’s UI will bear a striking resemblance to a Windows Phone 8 (WP8) handset.

That would make sense if the device is actually just another Asha range handset which runs Nokia’s own Series 40 (S40) platform.

An Asha which looks like it is Windows Phone 8 would encourage those in emerging markets to aspire to eventually own a WP8 handset.

So where is all of these supposed links to Android coming from? Well, BlackBerry might have set a precedent.

Last month, the company updated BB10 to !0.2.1 which provides improved support for running Android apps.

All without the need for taking an Android APK file and converting it to a BlackBerry 10 compatible file format (BAR).

Dare we suggest that Nokia might have found a way of performing the same trick on its S40 platform? Or under Windows Phone 8?

One thing is absolutely sure. Nokia’s Press conference is on Monday [February 24th 2014] at 7:30 am GMT/ 8:30am CET.

If the X or Normandy exists that’s when we will all find out.

Incidentally, the only pic of the Normandy which actually sports any kind of Android link looks like it has been photoshopped (manipulated) from an @evleaks picture.

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  1. admin says:

    Running Android apps is a logical step for Microsoft, we agree. The important point we were trying to make is that many Asian already believe that Nokia has launched a full Android device.

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