My Android is now as good as my iPod – thanks, SanDisk!


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android-opera-mobile-browserOne of the things I like best about my Nexus One is that I can just drag-n-drop files onto it. It’s incredibly easy to use it as a portable hard-drive. But if you drop music files on there, the native music player automatically reads the MP3 tags and lets you play them by artist, album or track title just as easily as an iPod does. And it doesn’t make you shuffle awkwardly around library syncing and protection methods like Apple players do. And now that you can get a miniSD card that holds as many MP3s as an iPod touch or iPhone, there’s just one more reason to go with a more open system.

What’s the story?

It’s CTIA week, and SanDisk Corporation is making sure it’s name is in the headlines. So we get this release, stating that SD is now shipping the highest-capacity microSD card that has yet been seen. This easily removeable card gives your mobile 32GBs of storage. Ok… it’s pretty costly. It’s currently retailing for around $200, but if we’ve learned anything about the storage device market it’s that prices drop incredibly fast.

What this immediately makes me thing about is (as I’ve written above) the applications to music playing. Apple products tend to be incredibly closed-off – you’re not supposed to be able to crack those things open and mess around inside. You don’t get to replace storage.

What we think?

Look, it’s no secret that I’m a big Android fan. But I’m also a big Apple fan. I’m working on a Macbook right now. I’ve owned every generation of iPod since the touch click-wheel came in (my main music player right now is a 120 GB iPod Classic). You could read the article above as a triumphant middle finger stuck up at Apple, but that’s not my intention. It’s just that I have to fight hard against my gut instinct to just praise everything that Apple creates – and when something appears that genuinely shows Apple up, I like to highlight that. There are valid advantages that the new 32GB microSD gives Android over Apple, and I really hope that Apple reacts appropriately.

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