Mysterious Dreameye finally lifts its skirt

Rating: Aussie mob ad company finally reveals location, etc

For a company which described itself as an “Australian based mobile advertising company with a focus on delivering rich media ads” back in 2008, Dreameye Media Pty Ltd really doesn’t seem to understand what GoMobile News does. It publishes the world’s leading directory to the mobile advertising world, for starters. Instead of helping us out by supplying information on how potential customers can contact Dreameye, head honcho Simon Hunt seems more keen on issuing thinly veiled threats. We’re flattered but Hunt appears to have created an entirely new (HTML) web site just to disparage us.

Extraordinarly for a ‘media’ company, until now Dreameye Media had kept inisting that the URL for its web site was

That URL is well and truly defunt. However, the unfortunately name Hunt appears to have taken it upon himself to launch a completely new site – today [February 10th 2013].

The only real content on that site is a single news item attacking GoMo News. As they say, there’s no such thing as bad Press is there?

What we find particularly peculiar is that Hunt/Dreameye already had an existing URL before having to start Namely,

Doesn’t look to professional for a media company which has been in existence for at least four years, we suppose?

However, that site does reveal that Dreameye Media Pty Ltd is actually headquartered at 11 Mahoneys Road Reserviour, Prahran (a Melbourne suburb), Victoria, Australia 3181.

However, there is a only a mobile telephone number – 0468424783. But then it is a ‘mobile’ company we suppose.

Oddly enough, GoMobile News isn’t in a big rush to include this company in our directory.

If you want to guess why, could we suggest that you read the comments to our two previous stories on the company here and here?

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2 Responses to Mysterious Dreameye finally lifts its skirt

  1. admin says:

    Unlike Dreameye, GoMo News understands the correct way to handle disputes.
    So we’ve complained to the Australian Press council

    Here’s our submission

    Basically, there isn’t an ounce of truth in Simon Hunt’s allegations.

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