MyVoice mobile app helps the silent to speak

A friend of mine just sent me a video for an incredible new application called MyVoice. The app helps people with communication difficulties to speak – and it does so completely free of charge.

What’s the story?

According to Alex Levy, CEO & Lead Designer for MyVoice, there are over 2 million families in America with someone who has communication challenges. Whether due to a stroke, autism or any number of other problems, many people have the desire to speak, but lack the ability to do so easily. MyVoice is intended to make communication much easier, and MUCH cheaper. The app itself is free – all you need is an iPhone to run it on (or an Android, in the near future).

What we think?

For me, this kind of application shows the true face of what mobile phones are capable of. This is a brilliant idea, that will make people’s lives easier and better… and it will do so for free.

In a recent interview with Scott Seaborn, Head of Mobile Technologies, Ogilvy Group UK, he claimed that you couldn’t claim to be truly working in mobile unless your creation harnessed several of the unique qualities of mobile. And this application certainly does that – it takes advantage of touch-screen, interactive display, location awareness, computing power, wireless connections and more. I’m genuinely impressed with this application in a way that very rarely happens, and I hope that MyVoice attracts the attention that it deserves.

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