N73 users should be Wechatting not Whatsapping

Run chat on your Nokia N73 with no need for upgrade

Here at GoMo Towers we’re constantly flooded with requests from owners of the Nokia N73 asking for information on how they can run WhatsApp on their Symbian smartphone. You can’t. So we did a bit of lateral thinking and realised that there’s a perfectly good ‘Chat’ app that runs on any N73 without any modifications. It’s called Wechat from Tencent. Here we show you how to do it.

First a little bit of background. Wechat has been created by China’s Tencent which, as we reported here, is China Top Three best recognised brand.

You’ll be in good company if you start to use WeChat because there are at least 300 million Chinese users and 100 million international users.

What’s more, WeChat appears to have far more facilities than Whatsapp plus – this is the good news – it is also free.

Besides Chinese (Simplified & Traditional), WeChat supports a number of different languages.

English is one of them but so is Hindi, Thai, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Malay, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, Polish, Italian, Russian, and Turkish.

The version you will need for a Nokia N73 is for WeChat 4.2 for S60v5‏ which is for Symbian based handsets like the N73.

GoMo News has downloaded it and trust us, it very definitely works.

So how do you obtain the app (bearing in mind that the N73 does not support Wi-fi)?

The obvious way is to access the Nokia Ovi store via the mobile internet connexion on your N73. Then search for ‘Wechat’.

This presupposes you have created a Nokia ID and then ensured that the Nokia site knows the model you are using (N73).

Alternatively, it should be possible to cut out the visit to the Nokia store by going directly to the Wechat web site. Try going here.

There is another option  if you can get access to a Windows based PC, for example.

From the PC visit the Nokia store here. You should be able to see an option marked ‘Download via PC’.

This option will be greyed out, however, if you haven’t got your N73 connected to the PC via a USB connexion.

For this to work, you also need to have the Nokia Suite software installed and up and running on the PC.

Installing, the app from a PC is technically known as ‘side-loading’.

If you have any problems with the PC informing you that the handset doesn’t have a valid certificate, check that the handset’s time and date are absolutely correct.

Having installed Wechat ourselves, we’re going to test it and let you know what Wechat can’t do but WhatsApp can.

We don’t think there’s much in it.

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