Nadella gets Microsoft CEO job not Vestberg or Elop

Will Microsoft do a Google & lose its mobile phone arm?

nadella - cloud not mobile

Having predicted that Microsoft might well adopt a ‘mobile first’ approach and take on a mobile industry star as its new CEO, we find that Satya Nadella – Microsoft’s former head of cloud computing has got the job. At least we had named Nadella in the possible Steve Ballmer succession race here. But does Nadella’s triumph signal a new emphasis in Microsoft’s thinking away from Nokia – the company which Nadella challenger, Stephen Elop, helped to bring to the company (and to its knees)? Incidentally, so much for the head of Ericsson – Hans Vestberg, getting the job.

GoMo News wonders if Nadella will follow Google’s lead and distance itself from its mobile phone arm – Nokia?

Most observers think that Google’s decision to divest itself of its handset manufacturing arm – Motorola, is heavily linked to its mobile OS – Android.

There are suggestions that handset vendors might have been concerned that Google was playing favourites with its own Android manufacturing arm – Motorola.

Now that China’s Lenovo has acquired the handset manufacturing bits of Motorola Mobility, other Android handset makers can rest easy.

Incidentally, has everyone forgotten that Motorola (rather than Nokia) was the leading brand in China for many years – so the Lenovo acquisition makes sense?

The billion dollar question is … if Microsoft gets rid of the Nokia handset manufacturing operation, will the likes of HTC and Samsung put more effort into selling WP8 (Windows Phone 8) handsets?

Divesting itself of Nokia would make a lot of sense for Microsoft, GoMo News believes – especially since it is obvious that the Nokia Asha range (with no connexion to WP8) is helping keep the handset manufacturer alive?

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