Native advertising campaign for Google Voice developed by Mapp Media

In conjunction with Essence Media, Songkick & MapMyFitness

true native advertising campaign - warner

A brand new, interactive native advertising campaign for Google Voice has been launched by Mapp Media . The campaign has been developed in conjunction with Essence Media and in partnership with Songkick and MapMyFitness. It pulls in information that is relevant to the user depending on the user’s environment and location. The Mapp Media campaign targets users according to factors such as context, location and interests. For example, when a music fan is on the O2 Venue page, the Voice Search ad prompts the user to ask for the best route to the O2 or which bars are in the O2.

On the fitness platforms, the prompts include converting what time the nearest park closes or what the weather will be like when they go for a run.

Nathan Warner, director at Mapp Media, commented, “This is a true native advertising campaign and we really enjoy working on these innovative and engaging targeted solutions,”

Matt Nelson, Media Account Manager, Essence Media, said, “It’s been great working with Mapp Media on this campaign and we are confident that this campaign will, by using user location data, further demonstrate the power of mobile advertising.”

The bespoke campaign (which runs until the 23rd July 2014] was developed exclusively for Google Voice by Mapp Media.

The company is building the creative side and optimising it throughout the campaign in order to make more engaging for the user.

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2 Responses to Native advertising campaign for Google Voice developed by Mapp Media

  1. Ainsley says:

    It’s about time Google steps up and does something with native advertising. Facebook, Airpush, Twitter and a host of ad networks all more innovative than AdMob are already leaps and bounds ahead of Google on native advertising. If they’re going to play catch up, now’s a good time to start.

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