Nearly half of GB consumers feel mobile marketing communications aren’t relevant or useful to them

Consumers are disgruntled by irrelevant messages, but research reveals more targeted campaigns could drive sales and loyalty

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December 9th 2013, Nearly half (42 per cent) of consumers in Great Britain (GB) don’t feel any of the marketing communications they receive from businesses via their mobile devices are relevant or useful, according to research by integrated mobile solutions specialist Oxygen8 Group. The survey, which looked at what kinds of communications consumers currently receive on their mobile phone – including SMS messages, app notifications, email and automated voice messages – also identified that a further 44 per cent find less than a quarter of the messages they receive of value.

“Mobile marketing allows businesses to communicate with their customers wherever they are which makes it an incredibly powerful channel,” says Maria Grant, head of product development at Oxygen8 Group.

“What’s concerning is how few of the messages consumers are currently receiving they find valuable.”

“Companies need to rethink their mobile marketing strategies, working harder to identify the needs of each customer and synching up all channels to get a better picture of their habits and preferences.”

“Only then will they be able to find the best way to communicate with them and deliver the right message at the right time.”

But while consumers believe the majority of the communications they currently receive lack relevancy, nearly a quarter (22 per cent) would be more likely to buy from/spend money with a business in future if the company sent them a useful mobile communication.

Targeted mobile marketing could also change consumer perceptions. 34 per cent of consumers would have a better view of a business or would feel a business understands their needs if they were sent mobile communications that were relevant to them.

“These results show that targeted mobile marketing can change perceptions and drive sales,” concludes Grant.

“A vast amount of customer data and the tools to analyse it are now available for businesses to create intelligent mobile marketing strategies.”

“The work we do with our customers is all about targeted communications that offer long term return on investment.”

“This research shows a clear call to action for companies to invest in these tools to achieve value from their mobile marketing.”

The study also looked at what kinds of communications consumers would like to receive on their mobile devices.

More than half (54 per cent) were interested in receiving discount vouchers, while 46 per cent would like to find out when a product they are interested in is back in store, showing there is a market need for these types of messages as long as they are targeted.


The research surveyed over 1,000 UK consumers in November 2013. Full data is available upon request.

About Oxygen8 Group

Oxygen8 Group is a global provider of integrated mobile solutions with offices in ten countries and operations in over 20 countries. The Group is structured into three distinct divisions: -Corporate Solutions – Enabling corporations to interact with their customers via their mobile phone, such as simple flight time reminders for brands such as Aer Lingus or complex Fraud Transaction Handling solutions for major retail banks. Mobile Payment Solutions – Enabling consumers to pay for goods and services using their mobile phones, such as enabling drivers to pay for Toll Roads via Direct Billing to their mobile phone, removing the need for a credit card or cash to pay for a service. Oxygen8 Money – Enable cross-border international mobile remittances, facilitating person-to-person money transfer and mobile phone credit recharge. Over six billion people on planet Earth now have a mobile phone – Oxygen8 Group continues to find ways to connect its customers with that target audience, allowing them to find, research and purchase goods and services through their handsets, and strive to make the mobile phone the single most valuable item an individual can carry.

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