NeoMedia gets revoked patent reinstated in Europe

Doubles all round, we suspect

The folk at NeoMedia (OTC BB:NEOM) must be jumping up and down with delight. The European Patent Office (EPO) has overturned on appeal the earlier revocation of its European Patent No. 0832453. The EP patent is registered in UK, Sweden, Austria, France, Italy, Germany and Switzerland. NeoMedia is a 2D barcode/QR code King. As well all know, NeoMedia’s fortunes are now very heavily linked to how successfully it can enforce its patents and this is nothing short of a major victory.

Following legal action by NeoMedia, the EPO Board of Appeal overturned a previous decision that went against NeoMedia.

Plus it has remitted the case to the EPO Opposition Division for resolution of remaining issues.

Prior to the original opposition hearing, the EPO issued a preliminary opinion commenting in NeoMedia’s favour on the issues of novelty and inventive step.

As NeoMedia says, “There is therefore now reason to expect that the outcome will be maintenance of the patent.”

Thanks to our previous coverage of NeoMedia, we know well that there will be a whole host of our readers who are NeoMedia investors and will overjoyed to hear such news.

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2 Responses to NeoMedia gets revoked patent reinstated in Europe

  1. Mike says:

    Thank you for the continuous support.

  2. mario aloise says:

    What about the recent reverse split 1 for 2500.Can GOMO enlighten shareholders about this?

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