NeoMedia lands its first brand licensee – Kraft Foods

Rating: Proves that QR codes are far from dead

Cadbury gorilla - the power of bar codes

Although NFC (Near Field Communication) might be the proximity technology of the moment, QR codes are far from dead. NeoMedia Technologies which now describes itself as a QR code pioneer (having once fought tooth and nail to keep calling them 2D barcodes), has finally landed its first brand licensee – Kraft Foods Group. In the UK, Kraft is probably best known for taking over Cadburys, the chocolate producer. NeoMedia has apparently awarded Kraft a worldwide, non-exclusive license to NeoMedia’s patents related to mobile barcode resolution. In exchange, Kraft has selected NeoMedia as an approved vendor for mobile barcode management solutions.In order to do this deal, NeoMedia has obviously been using the services of Chicago based Global IP Law Group.

The law firm is perhaps best known for advising Nortel Networks on monetising its 6,000 or so patents.

Which is handy because the former KraftFoods Company has spun itself off and become Mondelez International which now holds the Cadburys brand. Complicated, eh?

Renee Zahery, a senior director for corporate affairs with Kraft, commented, “Staying on top of emerging technologies popular with consumers is vital in today’s marketplace.”

“We are pleased to work with NeoMedia on this licensing arrangement to support our mobile initiatives,” Zahery added.

NeoMedia is, of course, adamant that QR codes are were all the action is currently.

“Consumer brands continue to turn to barcode technology as an effective way to engage with consumers,” Laura Marriott, NeoMedia’s CEO, said.

NeoMedia backs up this assertion by pointing to a recent report from Nellymoser stating that QR codes have an 80 per cent market share in the mobile barcode arena.

You can download that report from here.

Of course, in terms of its advertising, Cadbury is best known for its Dairy Milk advert with a gorilla playing the drums as Phil Collins on his record ‘In the Air Tonight’ which won many prizes.

An deal excuse for GoMobile News to run the video below. Read the full NeoMedia Press release here.

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One Response to NeoMedia lands its first brand licensee – Kraft Foods

  1. Rogerro says:

    It’s all good news for Neomedia…QR codes are in world-wide use, and they have a growing list of licensees incl. Microsoft, Ebay, ScanBuy and now Kraft. Just one problem, their share price is less than 0.005 cents giving it a market value of only $7,000,000…at a time when it should be riding high.
    Look no further than Neomedia’s latest 10Q filing to the SEC for the answer!!!

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