Netbiscuits moves to make its key software free to mobile marketers

Covers mobile analytics & device detection

In 2013, research showed that over 1.2 billion people accessed the web from a mobile device, but 70 per cent abandoned a mobile site because of its poor performance. However, responsive design is becoming less effective in mobile web design as the number of devices mushrooms. In response to this, Netbiscuits has decided to make both mobile-analytics and its device-detection software available for free. The aim is to encourage smaller brands to make use of device analytics, and compete on a level playing field with large enterprises. It should providing marketers and developers with the technology to better profile customer engagement.

The announcement opens up mobile analytics and device detection to companies of all sizes.

The free versions of both products will be accompanied by the launch of a tiered subscription model, handing businesses the keys to more powerful mobile analytics and device detection at a level and price point which makes sense for their needs.

This should meaning marketers can develop and track visitor personas around device, preferences and contextual use, identify causes of abandonment and ultimately deliver better engagement to increase conversions from mobile channels.

The tools integrate with existing web analytics tools, such as Google Analytics, to provide additional information at the device and context level.

Netbiscuits mobile analytics comes with user traffic reports and dashboards that reveal user behavior and preference through device information.

Netbiscuits mobile Analytics can also easily integrate into most desktop analytics software to enrich data with contextual information on mobile user behaviour, uncover insights like bounce rate of visitors based on screen size or speed of connection to the website.

In theory this move will allow marketers and developers to adapt websites and content to deliver fast, working and targeted experience to every visitor – regardless of device.

Plus it should let them plan for next-generation web technologies such as connected TVs & wearable devices.

Companies, including T-online [Germany] and have already implemented Netbiscuits mobile analytics and are experiencing how powerful the tool can be in terms of analyzing the device and context influence user behaviour and ultimately effect engagement and conversion.

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Read the full Press release here.

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