Netbiscuits report confirms that size does matter

Er, screen size that is

bigger screens which allow a better experience - Neidhoefer

In its latest Web Trends report, Netbiscuits has confirmed that screen size really does matter. Rather than basing itself on estimated device sales numbers – as IDC does, the company works from real data on mobile web usage. The report concludes that the average screen size within the Top Ten devices has increased from 3.9 to 4.2 inches. Which gives credence to a recent Wall Street Journal report suggesting that Apple is intending to release 4.5 and 5 inch variant of the iPhone. It may also be why Apple is doing badly in Asia proper.

Netbiscuits suggests that Apple can’t get its deal with China Mobile [see GoMo News passim] fast enough to try to ctach up with the lead that Samsung and LG have in most of Asia & Asia/Pacific.

The bad news is that BlackBerry is almost disappeating whilst Nokia isn’t gettting any worse.

Netbiscuits’ CEO, Michael Neidhoefer,  observed, “Consumers are expecting more and more from their mobile experiences, leading them back to bigger screens which allow a better experience to play games, watch movies or interact with activities, such as mobile internet banking.”

“Brands must work even harder to understand how customers are accessing their mobile content.”

He continued, “In 2014, we’re sure to see these companies try to get to grips with deeper mobile web analytics tools that give insight, not only into the type of devices customers are using, but also the context in which they are engaging with the mobile web.”

Of course, Apple’s greatest share of web traffic unsurprisingly remains in North America, where its share tallies a solid 44 per cent.

As if we needed Netbiscuits to tell us where the majority of Apple fanbois live.

Read the full Press release here.

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