Neustar launches Mobilenextbigthing blog

Rating: Apparently this includes barcodes and mobile search

Specialising in both mobile marketing and 2D barcodes, Neustar has decided to launch a blog modestly entitled ‘Mobilenextbigthing‘. It aims to cover many of the topics which GoMo News is also focused on. The first blogs are very US centric but interesting nonetheless. We particularly like the items on search and barcoded seats in the entertainment industry.

Please send a pie to my seat

The seats blog has been written by Diane Strahan, vp for mobile services with Neustar. Her example is about sporting events. Curiously, although there’s a picture to illustrate the point, Strahan doesn’t say whether the example is real. GoMo News can believe that it has already been tried.

Here’s what Diane says, “During the middle of a big game, you are hungry, but the last thing you want to do is leave your seat and go stand in a long line for concessions. Instead, use your mobile phone to scan the barcode at your seat and have hot dogs and sodas delivered to you, without missing a second of the game.”

Cool. Although in other markets you’d have to replace “hot dogs and sodas” with beer and crisps [potato chips] or Pimms and olives. Or maybe if this is Wimbledon and the tennis, it should be strawberries and cream plus champagne. Or pies for soccer matches.

This is what Diane has to say about mobile search. “In fact, some consumers are more actively searching on their mobile device than on PCs, which is exactly what AdMob found to be the case in their survey of iPhone/iPod touch users in 2009″. Hmm. Pretty small sample of users that.

Anyway, Strahan concludes, “Mobile phone subscribers are turning to their mobile device as their primary source of information and entertainment.” Which is exactly the message we’ve all got to get across.

Finally, Strahan observes, “For advertisers, barcodes offer a unique way to establish relationships with consumers. They have proven they can accurately measure campaign performance in near real-time, and influence purchase decisions.”

What? ‘Near’ real-time? Surely campaigns can be monitored in real-time? Or maybe that’s the Next Mobile Big Thing. You read it here first.

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  2. Thanks for posting. I am very interested in how barcodes translate to user experiences in sporting events. Very helpful.

    As phones continue to transform into Point of Sales devices, I think these types of implementations will continue to grow.

    Patrick Donnelly

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