Never ending Samsung vs Apple legal saga continues

Whole thing stinks of sour grapes by USA

Here we go again. On Friday [September 9th 2013], the USA’s International Trade Commission (ITC) ruled that Samsung had unfairly used Apple technology in some of its devices. What a surprise. So it issued cease and desist orders banning further imports of certain Samsung products. As far as GoMo News can tell, the ruling covers around 26 Samsung devices but only about three are still being imported into the USA. This is the same court, of course, that found Apple had violated Samsung’s own IPR. And banned the products from being imported into the USA. What did Barack Obama do? He simply overturned that ban.

Now Obama’s administration claims that Russia is showing no respect towards the USA after it granted asylum to the whistleblower, Edward Snowden.

You have to admit that Russia was on the other side during the Cold War and some rivalries still continue.

But North Korea was on the other side in the Cold War and Samsung is in South Korea which is the USA’s firm ally.

What kind of respect is the Obama administration showing South Korea?

“Apple spent five years and $5 billion to develop a product and it was a revolutionary product. They [Samung] spent three months to bring a product to market,” Apple’s lawyer William Lee, WilmerHale, told the US court of appeals in Washington.

Fair point. But how much time has Samsung spent fighting Apple in courts in the USA and around the world and how many millions of dollars has that cost?

All of which ultimately has to be footed by the consumer who actually buys a smartphone or tablet in the first place.

These smartphone/tablet legal spats are hurting the humble consumer and can’t be doing the Apple brand much good either.

Obama’s administration claimed it had acted to overturn the ban on imports of Apple tablets into the USA in the interests of the consumer. (See our previous story here).

Wouldn’t Obama be better protecting the rights of the consumer – and keeping prices down, but putting tighter control on what can and what can’t be dragged through the courts of the ITC?

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