New cloud service provides guaranteed backend for enterprise app developers picks SoftLayer to host its Private Cloud offering, has introduced a new offering, Private Cloud, in conjunction with IBM company, SoftLayer, which offers IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) facilities. Private Cloud will allow for integrating with app developers’ existing systems. This enabling them to deploy mobile apps with more speed and ease. is a provider of cloud-based back-end service for app developers on all popular mobile platforms. The list is extremely impressive as it includes not only iOS, Android, Windows 8 Mobile, Blackberry JDE, andBlackberry 10 but also MoSync, JavaScript, and PHP. The company is ready for the mobile web with full Tizen and Firefox OS support. Private Cloud will be hosted at SoftLayer’s data centres in either North America or Europe.

Essentially, is powered by a NoSql database that can perform complex data operations within an object-orientated architecture.

“Originally designed for use by SMEs, we’ve upgraded the capabilities of to cater for larger businesses looking to develop enterprise standard applications,” explains Stefano Buliani,’s founder.

“It’s now possible to securely centralise more application business logic away from client devices – eliminating the need for heavy-duty data processing – with Cloud Functions,” he added.

Private Cloud contracts come with 20 hours support per month to help with customising a developer’s platform – from custom cloud functions to an entirely new API.

Not everyone is happy with using a cloud based service for sensitive company data, for example.

“The public cloud is still perceived as a potential security risk so we’re working hard to help customers feel as secure as possible,” Bulian revealed.

The latest developments therefore come with 2048-bit encrypted HTTPS connections, and with advanced authentication now as standard.

“We’re seeing a trend where companies are moving beyond merely having a mobile website and leveraging the value of the ability to engage with customers and employees wherever they go,” commented Jonathan Wisler, general manager for EMEA with SoftLayer.

“Today, the vast majority of people stay connected to the internet via a mobile device. We are excited to have running their cloud hosting solution on our infrastructure,” Wisler added.

Larger enterprises will also be able to deploy on their own infrastructure internally by purchasing a software licence for a yearly fee.

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