New F1 race app features in-app purchasing

Official app doesn’t seem to have been well promoted

Ahead of Sunday’s [March 16th] first Formula One (F1) motor race of the 2014, it appears that has done a poor job of promoting the fact that a completely new app has been released for the new season. Bad news for BlackBerry and Windows Phone (WP8) handset owners is that the app – which we believe has been developed by Soft Pauer once again, is only available for Android and iOS. The big difference over previous apps is that there’s a free ‘Lite’ version available for download. And when you notice that all of the information you really want is missing, then you can upgrade to the Premium version via an in-app purchase.

GoMo News only discovered the new app was about because the previous version (for 2013) wasn’t downloading the data from the Practice sessions.

Funnily enough, the 2013 version still provides the official news updates from Formula One. And finally, one of those updates mentioned the new app.

In order to discover the app’s price, GoMo News had to attempt to buy it and we can reveal that the price in the UK is £7.49. We don’t know the US dollar price.

That’s actually a lot cheaper than last season’s app which we recall was priced between £12-£14 depending on discount.

The 2014 ‘Official’ app is designed to look much “prettier” in appearance than the 2013 version but we found the old app easier to find our way around because the layout was simpler.

For those cheapskates too mean to buy the Official app, we’d also like to point out that there’s a mobile-friendly version of the web site which you can visit @

So you can discover what extra facilities the £7.49 Premium Season Pass, GoMo News has published the full Press release here.

Suffice it to say that if you are a die-hard petrol head – like the team here @ GoMo Towers, you won’t be able to resist paying for the Premium Pass.

This is achieved through Google Pay and the process was, in fact, frighteningly easy.

We’ve even begun to get use to the new “fancy” layout of the 2014 app.

The Official F1 app is available to download now for iOS in iTunes, and for Android in Google Play.

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