New mBlox payments products revolutionize mobile transactions

Mobile Web and Application offerings improve purchasing experience across mobile devices

mBlox, a leader in mobile consumer interaction and payments, today announces mBlox Entrust, a suite of mobile payment solutions for both in-app and mobile web payments that makes paying for goods and services over mobile and tablet devices simpler, easier and safer than ever before. mBlox Entrust delivers secure, resilient, easy-to-use payment services for consumers purchasing on the move.Streamlined, easy-to-use payment solution

mBlox Entrust for Applications enables any merchant to have a secure, in-app check-out solution that handles a wide range of payment methods, including Visa and MasterCard as well as other popular local and international payment services, and delivers a streamlined purchasing experience for the mobile consumer. Once the consumer has registered with mBlox Entrust for Applications, the service manages the choice of payment, delivers payment authorisation, provides a transaction summary and can send SMS-based alerts, notifying the consumer of both successful and failed transactions.

Sensitive consumer payment information is stored safely in a Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliant storage system, and is not accessible or subject to theft if the mobile device is lost or stolen. No special SIM card or additional hardware is required.

mBlox Entrust for Applications delivers the maximum value when used in combination with the mBlox Engage suite of enablers, which informs marketers of crucial customer and device information. These allow a merchant to create highly effective and measurable marketing programs within an application, combining rich interaction and frequently refreshed content with awareness of the consumer’s location and context. Using these tools, merchants can seamlessly generate, track and fulfill customer demand, which drives both customer satisfaction and increased sales for the merchant.

Seamless mobile web payments

mBlox Entrust for the Mobile Web expands the range and the value of goods that can easily be purchased on any connected device by offering a streamlined credit and debit card processing solution within a mobile browsing session. Businesses that accept premium SMS payments for digital goods can now use the SMS channel to offer their customers an alternative payment option if the premium SMS payment fails or the value of the purchase precludes the use of premium SMS.

Participating businesses can expect corresponding revenue retention and customer satisfaction as well as improving margin. A link, delivered to the consumer via text message, directs them to a mobile web page offering a secure, click-to-pay experience. For recurring payments, mBlox Entrust for the Mobile Web delivers more control for the consumer, providing a personal SMS reminder followed by the means to pay quickly and securely. As with mBlox Entrust for Applications, sensitive consumer payment details are stored in a PCI DSS compliant back-end system.

“With more and more consumers using mobile phones and tablets for their shopping needs, merchants need to adapt and capitalise on this opportunity,” says Andrew Dark, CEO, mBlox. “If consumers have to continually enter lengthy payment details on the small screen of a tablet or smartphone, their shopping experience will be a frustrating one, and they will take their business elsewhere. mBlox Entrust delivers effortless payment solutions, tailored for online shopping on mobile devices, enabling consumers on the move to receive a superior offering.”

About mBlox

mBlox is a mobile interaction and payment specialist that provides enterprises and solution providers with the fastest and most reliable way to engage with their customers on mobile devices without compromising on security. mBlox delivers a combination of software and services that allow businesses and solution providers to create mobile solutions with the greatest possible reach. Backed by leading venture capital firms, mBlox offers a network of more than 800 operators in over 180 countries, covering over 90 per cent of the world’s population.

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