New official Formula One app wins plaudits

Still really being developed by Softpauer

Being big Formula One (F1) fans here at GoMo Towers (our tickets for the British Grand Prix are in the post), we were delighted to see that a review of 2014′s version of the F1 timing app became a tweet of the week. Now some blogs suggested that the app is no longer the work of app developer, Softpauer. However, that’s untrue. There’s just been a subtle realignment of branding. Oh, and there’s an F1 game for those who like such things from Red Bull Media House
and Bongfish.

We suspected that the suggestion that Softpauer had lost a contract as important as the F1′s was untrue given that the web site shows it is actively seeking developers.

So, we contacted Softpauer direct and the company’s Alex Powell told us, “We now manage the development of the official Official F1 app for Formula 1 Management.”

“They control the direction, marketing, and business of the app.”

“It was realised by all parties the sport required the app to be fully integrated into the sport, and the last few months (and doubtless next!) have been spent doing this.”

This has been a commercial and objective shift for Softpauer, however we’re still very much involved.”

GoMo was also surprised to find that one of its tweets of the week was from Dhruv Behl here who said, “Not all 2014 tech advancements have been in the garage. Official F1 App is improved too.”

We totally agree, of course.

Incidentally, Red Bull Racers is available on iOS and Android from March 27th [2014] and there are more details here.

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One Response to New official Formula One app wins plaudits

  1. Sam says:

    This may be true but this is one of the worst releases of an app that I have seen. The softpauer website and facebook page is not updated and there are many very confused users of last seasons app. From the outside it looks like softpauer has dropped of the face of the Earth as they used to develop the Australian V8 Supercars app which has been replaced by something very inferior. It looks like the code was acquired and now controlled by F1. I wonder how many people have actually purchased the 2013 app thinking that it will work this year??

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