New Origami subscriptions from Orange France

Personalised care: the centrepiece of Orange France ‘s new Origami subscriptions

Every six months, Orange contacts its Origami customers for feedback and personalised advice        

Unlimited text and multimedia messaging across the whole range – even with the two-hour Origami zen call plan

 New: unlimited daytime calls with the Origami jet plans from €68/month

 And still an exclusive benefit for all customers: unlimited calls to and from selected numbers

 Everyday care and advice for Origami customers

>     A personalised report every six months helps customers make the most of their Origami call plans

A new school, a new job, a new city … Change something in your life, and your communication needs and multimedia habits change too. This is why Orange France decided to touch base regularly with its Origami subscribers (except SIM card-only customers) to discuss their call plans and – if appropriate – switch them.

 >     If their call plan suits their usage pattern, they will only receive a confirmation text message.

>     Otherwise, an advisor or the portal will suggest a better-suited alternative, with no new tie-in period.

  Exclusive to all Origami customers: unlimited calls to favourites

>     Subscribers’ “chosen three” can also call each other without restraint

All Origami customers select three contacts, whom they can call and text as much as they like at no extra cost. If these favourites are Orange mobile customers themselves (capped and uncapped contracts, excluding Orange Business Services), they can also call/text each other and the Origami subscriber as much as they like.

>> This shared unlimited service is included in all Origami call plans in France , starting at €24/month (SIM version with a 24-month commitment).

More generous with Origami customers

Unlimited texting and multimedia messaging is now included in Origami zen subscriptions starting at €24/month (SIM version with a 24-month commitment).

A new Origami jet call plan includes unlimited daytime calls within France from 8am to 6pm, from Monday to Sunday, starting at €68/month (SIM version with a 24-month commitment).


For more information on the call plans and prices, please visit

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