Next iPads will have fingerprint recognition

Should also be packed slid with IBM sourced apps

ibm had finerprint recognition back in 2004

Cupertino’s finest – Apple, thrives on the hype it manages to create amongst its loyal followers – the Apple fanbois. It also relies on intense media speculation about its forthcoming products such as the alleged iPhone 6 which should make its appearance on September 9th [2014].  Given that the products are actually made by contractors in China, you’d kind of expect major leaks of photos showing what its new products look like but to date there’s been nothing which looks 100 per cent genuine. So instead, Apple fanbois have been contenting themselves with rumours about the next generation of iPad branded tablets. Which might be launched separately in October [2014]. And feature fingerprint recognition plus software sourced from IBM.

The fingerprint recognition rumour is a no brainer given that Apple has already developed and marketed it with the iPhone 5s.

Here at GoMo Towers, we can see no reason why such a facility couldn’t be added to a new tablet – especially since support for such recognition is already built into its iOS mobile OS.

And then there’s the IBM connexion. As we previously mentioned here, under MobileFirst for iOS, IBM is promising at least 100 products for the iOS community.

So speculating that some of these IBM sourced apps will show up in the next generation of iPad tablets is almost 100 per cent guaranteed a success.

What other pundits seem to have forgotten is that IBM offered a ThinkPad laptop computer featuring fingerprint recognition back in October 2004.

So to speculate that some of the IBM apps might be centred around the existence of new fingerprint recognition devices from Apple is a given.

Why some observers think that the suggestion that a  new 9.7 inch iPad and/or new 7.9 inch iPad Mini would have non-reflective screens measn they’re aimed at business, we have no idea.

Saying that such devices will have faster processors and offer better battery life is so obvious it doesn’t merit a comment from us.

What GoMo News finds strange, however, is that developers haven’t noticed anything unusual in the beta releases of iOS 8 which would point to more specific facilities being built into iPads or iPhones.

And the best rumour we’ve seen is from the web site which suggests that either there will be  another (sixth generation of the iPod Touch) or the device family will be dropped entirely. Talk about hedging your bets.

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