NFC mobile device traffic reaches 13.32% says 51Degrees

We might reach 1 in 3 handsets with NFC by 2016

Mobile Web Traffic - NFC Enabled Phones source:

Our thanks to for this week’s interesting mobile industry stats. The company’s subject is NFC (Near Field Communication). Here at GoMo News we firmly believe that NFC is the next big thing to hit mobile after Bluetooth. However, we seem to be at total odds with the iPhone fanboy community who believe that anything Apple does must be right. So the company’s continuing refusal to support NFC must be correct. Well these stats from 51Degrees appear to prove the opposite.

The mobile web analysis specialist has just determined that NFC enabled mobile device traffic has reached 13.32 per cent.

Far more significantly, 51Degrees quotes research from Berg Insight estimating that NFC enabled handset sales grew by 300 per cent in 2012.

Which means they have a global install base of approximately 3.3 per cent of all handsets.

Now if you consider how many feature phones are still be used out there, that’s a pretty impressive achievement.

So 51Degrees checked its data and found that global web traffic from NFC enabled devices has also increased since 2012 – growing from 3.49 per cent in January 2012 to 12.17 per cent in January of 2013.

Adoption rates have since slowed, only increasing by 1.15per cent since January 2013 up to 13.32 per cent.

With an average monthly traffic growth rate of 0.65 per cent over the last 12 months, NFC enabled phones should be able to reach the 32% handset penetration that Berg Insight predicted within three years [2016] instead of four.

What’s Apple going to do? Well firstly, it has introduced AirDrop which utilises Wi-fi to achieve some of the things you can do with NFC.

And one Apple fanboy seems to think that Bluetooth LE can achieve the missing bits that AirDrop can’t do but NFC can.

Hmm. You can already pay for a burger in McDonald’s with NFC which is a pretty impressive roll out of NFC readers just on its own.

Will the global burger chain also support AirDrop or Bluetooth LE as well? We don’t think so.

But iPhone users won’t care. They eat pizzas don’t they?

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