NinthDecimal launches industry’s first audience targeted mobile video solution

TubeMogul is named the company’s first buy-side partner, bringing together the premiere software for video ad buying with NinthDecimal’s advanced audience targeting

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June 9th 2014. NinthDecimal (formerly JiWire), the leading mobile audience intelligence company, in partnership with TubeMogul, the leading advertising software company for digital branding, has unveiled its mobile video solution, enabling advertisers for the first time to target precise audiences on pre-roll mobile video. NinthDecimal is the only company to provide the industry with an end-to-end solution for reaching, engaging and measuring high-performing audiences across display, rich-media and video, all on a single platform.

Fortune 500 brands are already taking advantage of NinthDecimal’s new offering with launch partners including L’Oreal Paris, Kraft Foods, Old Navy, and Mondelez’s Honey Maid Brand.

“Mobile video is cutting into TV primetime, and for many younger viewers, tablets are the default device for watching video,” said Keith Eadie, CMO with TubeMogul.

He continued, “NinthDecimal’s targeting will help marketers using TubeMogul’s software make mobile video advertising more relevant to these viewers by leveraging data from the physical world.”

The transition of ad dollars from TV to online

To meet market demand, NinthDecimal partnered with TubeMogul to bring advertisers a unique combination of performance and scale across premium mobile video inventory that can be precisely targeted to a marketers’ audience.

It’s estimated that there are 88 million mobile users in the USA who consume video1, which is creating high demand for mobile video from advertisers.

In fact, IAB reported that in 2013 mobile video ads increased 211 per cent and time spent viewing mobile video ads per consumer increased 200 per cent.2

Until now, mobile advertising has lacked a robust audience targeting video solution.

Most solutions are either untargeted or targeted based on the type of video content – standard contextual techniques akin to the early days of online advertising or mobile display targeting.

The unprecedented NinthDecimal and TubeMogul partnership enables brands to enjoy the best of both worlds.

They can leverage the rich, engaging experience of mobile video as a viable alternative to highlighting their brand beyond the mobile banner, coupled with the sophistication of true one-to-one mobile audience targeting that has been lacking.

New possibilities for mobile video

NinthDecimal creates advanced audience targeting capabilities by bringing together data from both the digital and physical worlds.

The precision and scale of its platform enables marketers to create the most accurate anonymous audience segments.

Plus they can identify the most effective marketable moments for their campaign – leveraging data such as locations frequented, offline purchases, devices used, content consumed, and CRM data.

By integrating these audience segments into the TubeMogul platform, marketers can now create highly engaging pre-roll mobile video campaigns to reach their loyal customers.

Thus conquering their competitors’ customers or reach relevant lifestyle segments – all on the same platform, at scale.

This new capability will further enable brands to seamlessly shift advertising budgets to mobile and compare results across screens.

A single platform

With the enablement of audience-targeted mobile video, NinthDecimal provides advertisers with an end-to-end solution for greater efficiency when buying mobile.

Marketers can now reach, engage, and measure the same mobile audience across display, rich-media and video formats, all through a single platform.

“With NinthDecimal’s mobile video solution brands finally have access to sophisticated audience targeting for mobile video,” said David Staas, president, NinthDecimal.

He continued, “Advertisers can now tap into video advertising’s potential and have the necessary tools to execute rich and effective campaigns across the entire digital ecosystem.”

With this announcement NinthDecimal adds mobile video to its suite of offerings, which includes robust audience intelligence, measurement and ROI solutions that go beyond initial engagement, and pre- and post-campaign audience insights across display, video and rich media.


1 The Wall Street Journal, ‘TV Ad Dollars Slowly Shifting to Web Video,” 12 May 2014

2 comScore, ‘comScore VideoMetrix‘ 17 th December 2013

About NinthDecimal

NinthDecimal (formerly JiWire) is the leading mobile audience intelligence company enabling brands to engage with the right audience, at the right time. Fortune 500 companies and marquee brands, like Samsung, Gap, Best Buy, Microsoft and Volkswagen, use NinthDecimal’s precise audience intelligence platform and sophisticated campaign analytics to drive optimal brand experiences and unprecedented campaign ROI. By combining online and offline data sources, NinthDecimal provides the most comprehensive understanding of audiences by connecting their digital and physical worlds. Its mobile targeting approach delivers 4X higher performance than alternative approaches, and its Location Conversion Index is the mobile industry’s most accurate ROI metric that measures the increase of in-store visits directly attributed to mobile ad campaigns. NinthDecimal is headquartered in San Francisco with offices in New York City, Chicago and Silicon Valley.

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