No BBM for Android TouchPad users

Hardware clinic: Sorry BBM doesn’t want to run on it

sadly bbm won't run on touchpad

GoMo News recently received this appeal from reader, Tanko Dada … “Please. I’ve just installed Android on my HP TouchPad previously running the webOS. Is it possible to have BBM* on this device? Every time Google Play shows me it isn’t compatible with this device. Do I need to find an update? Or just forget about it?” Well, unfortunately, Tanko, we think that you’ll just have to forget about it. Unless someone finds another version of Android for the TouchPad which can run it.

As many readers might remember, HP’s TouchPad tablet was launched running with its own webOS operating system.

Which, let’s face it, meant a painful lack of good apps. Luckily it’s feasible to make this tablet a dual boot device.

The method we adopted  was to install CyanogenMod 9 of Android as described  in ‘GoMobile News finally puts Android onto its HP TouchPad.’

However, if you go to Google Play (the renamed Android Market) you’ll find BBM here.

Now the Play store says that BBM requires Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) or above. And CyanogenMod 9 is actually 4. 0.3.

So in theory BBM should install and run but Google Play is reporting that the app is incompatible with our own Android TouchPad – which incidentally Play refers to as a Unknown CM_tenderloin.

Here at GoMo News Towers it has been a while since we installed CyanogenMod so there might be an alternative which takes the TouchPad up to Android 4.1 (Jellybean).

And then maybe, BBM might work. It certainly seems quite popular with Play reporting it has had between 10-50 million downloads.

* Note: BBM stands for BlackBerry Messenger an instant messaging [IM] service that formerly worked only on BlackBerry OS devices. Now it works on those running Android and Apple’s iOS. As we pointed out in ‘BBM for Android app already updated‘, BlackBerry has made moves to support a wider range of Android devices. But sadly not the TouchPad it seems.

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