No mention of Tizen @ official Samsung developers do

And they want $319 for you to help them compete against Apple

much cheaper option than conference itself

Not sure we quite rate this one here at GoMo News. Vancouver based Wireless Industry Partnership is partnering the ‘official’ Samsung Developers Conference (SDC) in the USA. It will take place on October 27th – 29th 2013  and held at the Westin St Francis Hotel in San Francisco. But we’ve looked at the agenda. The organisers apparently want you to pay $299 for the privilege of attending and – get this – the word Tizen doesn’t get a mention once in the agenda blurb.

If you -like WIP obviously, haven’t a clue what Tizen is, read our Tizen 101 here and you’ll realise why it is so  important.

A more economical option may well be to simply only attend the ‘official’ hackathon which WIP is organising the days before SDC.

The hackathon is taking place on Saturday October 26th and Sunday October 27th [2013] in the same venue (the Westin St Francis ).

The organisers want to see what developers can create with existing Samsung SDKs. You’d have thought this would be free but no you have to pay $20.

But then Samsung/WIP are promising to have devices and offering great prizes from Samsung along with technical partners for the best apps.

Registration for the Hackathon here is separate from the DevCon here.

However, hackers (original meaning of the word) who register for both will get some VIP treatment and other surprises at the DevCon, apparently. Ooh, er.

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