Nokia “fights back” against poor sales in India

Earlier this year, we reported on the massive problems that major phone manufacturers are having in India. They’re seeing their sales plummet… and by “they”, we mostly mean Nokia. The two biggest sources of difficulty are from small, indigenous Indian phone makers, and the flood of black market Chinese imports. But Nokia hopes to fight back against both of these threats with a new range of cheap, multi-SIM phones.

What’s the story?

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Nokia in particular has had the most to lose from the new trends – it has gone from owning almost the entire Indian mobile device market, to merely being the dominant manufacturer. But if the current trends continue, Nokia will find India slipping away from it entirely. So how has it fought back? With a new range of multi-SIM phones

According to My Digital FC, Nokia has decided that multi-SIM phones are the most hotly wanted devices in India, and is investing heavily in this idea with the launch of two new devices: C2-00 and X1-01. The two devices can handle up to 5 SIMs, and have easy swapping features that mean you can switch between SIMs and even put new ones in the phone without having to power off.

What we think?

This smacks a bit of desperation to me. Declaring that multi-SIM is the issue fails to acknowledge the much larger problems that Nokia faces in India. Maybe these phones will get a few sales, but it’s like trying to plug the leak in the dam with your finger.

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2 Responses to Nokia “fights back” against poor sales in India

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  2. Omar says:

    Hopefully Nokia triggers back into limelight via a strong smartphone or some other product of its much-hyped alliance with Microsoft in 2012-Omar,

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