Nokia & Microsoft pull Multi Lumia Arc of Wonder stunt

Anything to promote Lumia 1020′s 41 mp camera

lumia arc of wonder with 1020s in NYC

It’s not the first time that Nokia’s Creative Labs has pulled a stunt to publicise the fact that buried inside Lumia smartphones is a powerful 41 megapixel camera. Now – with a little help from Microsoft, the smartphone vendor has produced the ‘Multi Lumia Arc of Wonder’ in co-operation with filmmaker Paul Trillo. He created the Arc from 50 Lumia 1020 smartphones controlled by a Microsoft Surface tablet using a special app which was designed for the Windows 8 mobile platform. The venue? NYC (New York City, USA), of course.

The pair are obviously hoping (because this stunt obviously had a big budget) that the resulting YouTube video – Living Moments will go viral via the social networks and encourage consumers to want such a powerful cameraphone.

Of course, GoMo News has been told before – by the like of UK MNO [Nobile Network Operator] 3UK that one good viral video is worth a hundred display ads. Well, something like that, anyway.

The point about this stunt is that it doesn’t even need to mention that the handset isn’t running Android. Or iOS for that matter.

Significantly, the video pushes all the right buttons by mentioning and filming inĀ  key New York locations including Manhattan, Union Square, Allen Street and Central Park West.

All of which consumers should know from films and TV.

But it illustrates the problem. Nokia is forced to keep its powerful camera inside Microsoft Windows Phone based handsets, as it pitches Android simply as for entry-level devices.

Will this kind of strategy – creating an aspiration merely to own a Lumia 1020, work? Who can tell?

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