Nokia now dominates Windows Phone web traffic

Biggest loser is HTC

In its blog last week [November 27th 2013] here,  AdDuplex revealed that  its own research shows that Nokia now controls 90 per cent of the Windows Phone (WP8) market. So’s CoTW (Chart of The Week) took a look at all web traffic originating from Windows Phone devices on a global basis. It found that Nokia has managed to go from having a mere 8.37 per cent of global Windows Phone web traffic back in January 2012 to now contributing an impressive 82.89 per cent in September 2013. The biggest loser here was HTC, of course. This raises the important question, though, of has Nokia managed to grow the WP8 user base overall or has the Finnish company merely profited at other manufacturers expense?

Nokia has been able to achieve this impressive domination chiefly at the expense of Taiwan’s HTC which had almost 60 per cent of WP8 traffic when nokia had that 8.37 per cent.

By June 1012, though, the two vendors had an equal share with HTC’s share continuing to decline and Nokia’s continuing to grow.

To be fair though, the other three main suppliers of Windows Phone handsets : – Samsung; LG and Huawei all saw their global shares decline too.

It’s particularly bad news for HTC which actually built its fortunes on handset which ran Windows mobile OS. It created the first ever Windows mobile device – which was the XDA), for BT/Cellnet.

This huge shift in Windows Phone market power follows Nokia’s shareholders decision to approve Microsoft’s acquisition of its devices and services business for $7.2 billion in November [2013] – as reported by the FT.

AdDuplex made a very interesting point in its blog, however. It originally said that the Nokia Lumia 1520 occupied the nineteenth slot in the chart of all WP8 devices.

This led to some speculating that the 1520 must obviously be a success. However, AdDuplex has subsequently pointed out that there are only two other handsets beneath it.

Those are the Samsung ATIV S Neo and the Huawei W2 – both of which are relatively new and also in short supply.

So much for Nokia’s ads representing the 1520 as the device of choice for professional photographers, then.

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