Nokia Store can be accessed by regular Android & Sailfish handsets

Not all Nokia’s AOSP apps will run on them, though

*UPDATED* We got it working

if you can get it to work - nokia store on android

GoMo News has been attempting to discover what apps are available for the Nokia X now that it has been officially released in multiple global markets. For example, the handset sold out in the UAE within a day of going on sale. The ‘X’ is, of course, the first Nokia handset to run Android Open Source Project (AOSP). However, whilst visiting the Nokia app store ( formerly Ovi) via the web, we still aren’t able to set the ‘X’ as our default handset. This in turn has led GoMo to discover that it is theoretically possible to access Nokia’s Android apps stash by downloading an  Nokia Store app to your Android – or even Sailfish – handset. If you can get it to work that is.*

This hot tip came to GoMo via the WP Sailors web site  – which is aimed at those running Jolla’s Sailfish mobile OS,  here.

The file in question is called Download NStore0.71.apk and you can obtain it from Dropbox here.

Unfortunately, GoMo News has tried to install this app which puts the Nokia Store onto your Android phone twice with no luck.

It almost works on our loan Motorola Moto G handset but keeps trying to update itself and then falls over. It wouldn’t run on our ‘rooted’ Motorola Defy either.

As we don’t know who the real author is, we can’t check for a bug fix. However, we suspect it has something to do with the guys over at XDA Developers here.

Luckily we were able to track down the existence of several apps  for the Nokia X via the Nokia Conversations blog here. The article is entitled 9 Best Android Apps for Nokia X.

Does this mean there’s such a paucity that the author couldn’t find 10, GoMo wonders?

The list isn’t very adventurous. It contains two Microsoft titles – Outlook and OneDrive.

Then there are absolute classics such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. But the good news is that BlackBerry’s BBM messaging client is in the list too.

We’re not sure why Nokia’s own HERE mapping apps are included because we had the impression those apps were pre-installed.

So it leaves as the only two unusual apps – Vine and SwiftKey keyboard.

Now, you can download all of those apps to your Nokia X via the Nokia Store app built into the smartphone.

With one exception – Instagram. That’s available from a separate app download site -  1Mobile Market, which by definition Nokia has now effectively endorsed.

If anyone does know the URL for looking at the Nokia X app Store via the web, please let us know in the Comments below.

*UPDATE – We revisited the XDA Developers page here and managed to download the newer file – NokiaStore0.8.apk which does work on our Moto G!

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