Nokia Store leak to Android is pretty pants

Handset vendor’s flagship free apps won’t run under regular Android

When we discovered that it was possible to port the ‘Nokia Store’ app which appears on the Nokia X AOSP [Android Open Source Project] onto a regular Android handset, we got pretty excited here at GoMo Towers. For example, the prospect of running Nokia’s HERE mapping software on a device not actually built by Nokia was quite enthralling. It seems, however, that Nokia needn’t worry too much about the leakage of its vital IP contained in its flagship apps. So far, we haven’t found a single app from the Nokia Store which will run on our trusty Motorola Moto G.

As regular readers will be aware from this story ‘Nokia Store can be accessed by regular Android & Sailfish handsets’, we’ve discovered that it is possible to access the app store created by Nokia for its Nokia X Android handsets on a regular Android handset.

What you need to find is a file called ‘NokiaStore0.8.apk’ which we obtained from the XDA Developers site here.

That gives your regular Android handset – such as one made by Samsung, access to apps which Nokia is making available to its new style users.

So far, however, we haven’t come across a single app from the Store which will run on a regular app.

The first one we tried was Plants vs Zombies and being a game we weren’t surprised it didn’t run on non-Nokia software.

But the same thing applies to other apps which you would expect to be a bit more generic.

Now GoMo News suspects that it won’t be long before somebody downloads Nokia’s HERE maps for AOSP and makes them available.

Logically, though, GoMo News suspets that somebody will develop an AOSP emulator.

In this scenario, you run an app which makes you regular Android device appear like an AOSP device such as the Nokia X.

In which case it won’t be necessary for some-one to crack each AOSP app from the Nokia Store individually.

It remains to be seen when and if such an emulator is created and released.

In the meantime, it appears that Nokia has realised that a paucity of apps for the Nokia X isn’t a good idea.

So it is, in effect, endorsing other independent app stores. We mentioned once previously – 1Mobile Market.

But there are others in the shape of Aptoide, Mobango, and SideMe Market.

These app stores could prove to be a major find for regular Android handset owners, anyway.

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