Nokia X may break Google’s strangehold with Play

Nokia promotes its own Store plus 4 others

mobango is fighting google play stranglehold

Whilst some others prefer to call it a ‘forked’ version of Android and GoMo News describes it as the Android Open Source Project [AOSP], however you describe the Nokia X’s OS – it doesn’t offer access to standard Google services. And the most important of these is, of course, Google Play which is the new name for the old ‘Android Market’. So where do Nokia X owners find their Android apps, then? Short answer is that Nokia has created its own Android app called ‘Store’ and that takes you to its entirely separate app store for AOSP based devices. Plus four other independent apps stores.

The list of the other apps stores which you can see if you visit the Nokia Store for your apps includes: – Mobango; Aptoide; SlideMe Market and 1mobile market.

Now we aren’t suggesting that any of these five apps stores (if you include Nokia Store) are shifting anything like the kind of app download volumes which Google Play is.

However, their very existence is so the seeds of competition amongst Android owners as a whole.

That’s because you can actually download (and install if you are very lucky) the Nokia Store app on a regular Android handset.

We know this for sure because we’ve done it with our loan Motorola Moto G.

Details of how to do the same thing are provided by our previous story – ‘Nokia Store leak to Android is pretty pants‘.

GoMo News
was hoping that this would provide a back door into premium Nokia services such as HERE maps and flagship Electronics Arts [EA] games like Plants vs Zombies.

This backdoor doesn’t work but what it does provide is a very easy means of install the relevant apps for the other stores.

One of the first things we tried was looking for the AdBlock Plus Android app which Google itself has blocked.

And there it is sitting there available on 1mobile market, for example.

So, if you are an Android app developer and have fallen foul of Google itself, you’ve got an assortment of alternative outlets.

And there are signs that even with the four independent stores there are mechanism for actually charging for the app download.

Which is what differentiates them from sites such as Getjar, for example.

It might seem a small change but trends spread like wildfire in the Android arena and Google might be forced to make it far easier for the unbnaked to actually pay for apps and content.

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