Nokia’s job posting fuels rumours it might be planning Android phone

Google OS might be ‘Plan B’ if Windows 8 proves a disaster, it’s suggested

Stephen Elop

Nokia’s posting of a job vacancy on a social networking site has sparked frenzied rumours it might be thinking of easing its dependency on Microsoft’s Windows Phone OS and hitching its bandwagon to Android after all.
As reported by GoMo News yesterday, hedge fund managers are already betting against the success of Nokia CEO’s Stephen Elop’s strategy by selling off shares borrowed temporarily from client portfolios in the hope they can buy them back cheaper if the price plummets still further.
As the shorting of the Finnish manufacturer’s stock reaches an all-time high, its shares remain at a record low – trundling along at the $3 mark compared to around $40 this time four years ago.
Meanwhile Nokia’s placing of a job advert on its LinkedIn page has sparked rumours that, like Taiwan’s HTC, it might now be thinking of widening its choice of handsets by also offering a range running Google’s Android operating system.
The vacancy was described as for a principle software engineer “whose job will be to oversee the development of embedded Linux device software and hardware drivers” for a new range of products.
As Android has a Linux kernel, so the rumours go, it’s just conceivable that whatever the job is exactly it might involve Google’s open-source mobile OS which can be found in around three quarters of smartphones now sold.
Just as soon as the job vacancy was placed on Linkedin it was taken down again, adding to speculation that Nokia just might have let the cat out of the bag.
In summer this year the company’s chairman Risto Siilasmaa disclosed that Nokia already “a backup plan” in place in case Windows Phone doesn’t catch on, a plan in which its latest flagship Lumia 920 is likely to prove the litmus test, and Android would be the most obvious answer.
Another conspiracy theory, based on insider whispers, is that Microsoft might even opt to take over Nokia completely – acquiring it while its share price is cheap – and then sacking ex-Microsoft executive Stephen Elop and putting smartphone chief Anssi Vanjoki back in charge.

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3 Responses to Nokia’s job posting fuels rumours it might be planning Android phone

  1. Sunanda Shetty says:

    Nokia, after forced to ditch its own mobile OS, is now just a hardware company, and that too acting as manufacturing arm of dirty Microsoft who planned all this through dirty Stephen Elop.

    Any software company cannot depend on a single hardware company to sell its products. Similarly, any hardware company cannot depend on single software company. Here, dirty Microsoft has forced Nokia to kill its own OS and use only and only its unproven, ugly WP OS.

    As long as Nokia keep producing only-WP phones, it can sell some phones but until it widens its portfolio with other OS, it cannot regain market-share.

    Unfortunately, nobody in Finland can ask Nokia as why it killed its well-selling Symbian OS and why to go with only-WP, and why not other popular OS ?

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  3. James Calvert says:

    Doesn’t Meego also have a Linux Kernal? . My personal thought is that Nokia jumped ship a bit too quick on Meego. It (still) has a lot more promise, and I note that BlackBerry 10 has more than a passing resemblance.

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