Nokia’s W7 Mango phone now cheaper than Motorola RAZR

Rating: Asda supermarket sparks handset price battle in UK market

What a significant development. UK supermarket Asda – which is effectively the UK incarnation of the USA’s Walmart, has sparked off something of a price battle over leading smartphone models. It has decided to drop the price of Nokia’s premier W7 Mango (WP7) handset down to £199. Asda is now offering the Nokia Lumia 800 for £40 less than even Amazon and a whopping £200 less than leading High Street electrical goods retailer, Currys. What cheered GoMobile News up is the price Asda is asking for the Motorola RAZR. It wants £50 more than the Lumia 800. Just goes to show what a great handset the RAZR is, ahead of the official launch of the latest RAZR models in the UK tomorrow [September 18th 2012].The Nokia Lumia 800 handset was only released last October [2011] and significantly the price drop comes before its successor – the Lumia 920 has even made an appearance on the UK’s shop shelves. And there’s no official price for the 920 yet either.

Asda’s mobile technology expert, David Fletcher, commented, “This really is an amazing deal for our customers. Not only is the Lumia a stunning mobile but it’s packed full of useful features like the powerful 8-mega-pixel camera.”

“It runs the super-smooth Windows Phone 7.5 (W7 Mango) software and is ideal for browsing on the move.”

He added, “With the lightning fast entrance of new models to market, you can now get hold of fantastic products like this without having to wait years for the price to come down.”

It is also interesting to see that this UK supermarket giant hasn’t given up on RIM/BlackBerry, yet. It is offering the Blackberry 8520 for just over £100 – £109 to be precise.

Brits who want to cehck up on the latest bargains from Asda online should visit here or check in its larger stores.

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