Now we need Cambodian phone records for Flight MH370

GoMo speculates once again that missing Malaysian airliner went north

initial reports showed MH370 going north

In attempt to stem public criticism, the Malaysian government has released a crucial report iinto what happened when it was discovered that Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 had gone missing. The objective was obviously to help meet the complaints from friends and relatives of the 239 passengers and crew who went missing. However, its publication has raised more questions than it answered. GoMo News is particularly intrigued by the suggestion that the airliner had been picked up by flight control in Cambodia. As GoMo News has pointed out before, the co-pilot definitely turned his mobile phone on whilst the aircarft flew back across Malaysia. Could his smartphone – or those of others on the plane, have been picked up by Malaysian MNOs [Mobile Network Operators]?

GoMo News is working from information published by the UK newspaper, the Daily Mail, here.

There’s an excerpt which reads … “Another report showed Malaysia Airlines at one point thought the plane, built in 2002, may have entered Cambodian airspace.”

“”The airline said in the report that MH370 was able to exchange signals with the flight and flying in Cambodian airspace,” but that Cambodian authorities said they had no information or contact with Flight 370.”

If signals had been picked up then mobile phones on the plane could have ‘roamed’ onto Cambodian network.

Here at GoMo Towers we initally discounted reports that the mobile phones of crew as well as passengers (most of whom were Chinese nationals) were still ringing days after the flight disappeared.

Now we believe those phones were actually ringing. The question is … where?

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