Omate issues teaser for its TrueSmart smartwatch

Acts as both phone accessory & standalone phone

funny how the truesmart's screen is always blank

In an effort to create maximum publicity (before Samsung releases the Galaxy Gear and Apple the iWatch), a company calling itself Omate has announced that it is going live on Kickstarter today [September 21st 2013]. Obviously in an effort to raise funds to complete this little project – the TrueSmart smartwatch. GoMo News can’t be sure but we suspect that Omate is based in Germany, probably Bavaria.
One of Omate’s aims to date has been to entice app developers to create apps that will run on this Android 4.2.2 based device.

It’s called the TrueSmart as its makers claim it is the first true smartwatch – able to act as both a mobile phone accessory and as a standalone 2G/3G GSM handset.

The idea is to release details of the TrueSmart later today [September 21st 2013] but a news site – Bright Side of the World has already released most of the details here.

The site tries to pretend it has actually tested a TrueSmart but if you read it carefully, it hasn’t seen the UI or the watch’s email app running.

Which is understandable because somehow Omate has got to be able to squeeze a battery inside a regular wristwatch casing that can run a 1.3 GHz Mediatek dual-core processor.

Researchers all over the world are struggling to come up with the solution to this particularly as this device also supports Wi-fi (802.11 b/g/n) and Bluetooth.

It even boasts a 240×240 colour display and 5MP camera. Those are pretty heavy power consumers.

We’re also not sure how they do it but the smartwatch will have 512 MB of RAM and 4 GB of internal storage, with an expandability of up to 32 Gb via MicroSD.

And in order to act as a standalone mobile phone it will also accept a MicroSIM.

Another pretty unique feature is that this smartwatch is IP67 Water-resistant & dustproof.

There’s a pretty dodgy shot of a man in a shower who isn’t even wearing a watch on their Google + site. Oops.

We reckon these guys must be fully fledged Android developers themselves – otherwise how would they know the smartwatch is able to support the Google Glass as well as other wearable technology?

truesmart kickstarter event teaser

If you want to find the answers and are reading this story early enough you can watch the event live at 10:00am PDT (New York); 16:00pm CET (Amsterdam); 22:00 Asia (Singapore) today – September 21st 2013.

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  1. Indeed, we’re going live on Kickstarter – Omate has spent 1.5+ years on chasing this dream and is a start-up based in New York, with an international team based in 8 countries across 3 continents : USA, Canada, France, Finland, Netherlands, Singapore, Hong Kong, China. Every supporter counts! Thanks!

  2. admin says:

    Not Germany, then. I could have sworn …

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