Omlis acquires massive techie Banham as new CTO

Aims to be global provider of hacker free mobile payments

The arrival of Matt Banham at global mobile payments solutions provider, Omlis, has been heralded as the dawn of a new day for the business. He’s been appointed as the company’s Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and really does have an impressive technical background. For example, he was instrumental in developing the world’s first operational, real-time, predictive air traffic control system. The appointment follows a number of recently announced strategic partnerships such as one in Latin America with ISN Technologies which facilitates transactions for some of Chile’s largest organisations. The UK based company claims to be a leading provider of hacker and fraud free mobile payment solutions and has the IP for its proprietary technologies to back them up.

Markus Milsted, CEO with Omlis describes Matt Banham as “an extremely talented software technician with a track record that demonstrates his skills as a strong leader, driven by quality and results with no compromise.”

Matt Banham commented,”Omlis elegantly delivers innovative yet highly differentiated and scalable technologies.”

He added, “I am challenged to ensure that we remain the leading provider of mobile payment solutions to the wider payments ecosystem.”

The Latin America deal with ISN Technologies includes banks such as Banco Santander and retailers such as ABCDIN and Stratus Technologies Mexico which currently boast two of the three major supermarket chains in Mexico as clients.

They process approximately 50 per cent of credit and debit card transactions; 60 per cent of all cinema ticket purchases; 50 per cent of bus ticket transactions and support 50 per cent of banking services in Mexico.

Such figures help illustrate the extreme importance of mobile based (rather than fixed) banking in emerging economies.

GoMo News was amused to learn that Matt Banham’s interest in coding started at the age of eight when he wrote his first shape generator program in turtle-logo on a BBC micro.

Probably about the same time we were writing on Using the BBC Micro.

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