Omnifone to help power Neil Young’s PonoMusic

& 4G could well make Pono a viable music service

maclaren - 4G could really aid PonoMusic

It seems that a British specialist music firm, Omnifone, is going to provide a helping hand to a new service being fronted by veteran rock star, Neil Young. Young has recently become the CEO of an outfit calling itself PonoMusic. You’d have thought that the market for digital music was already saturated but – No, the company has just managed to raise a truly impressive $6.2 million (£3.6 million) via the crowdfunding web site, Kickstarter. Let’s hope that PonoMusic fares a bit better than another service that Omnifone helped operate – BBM Music. BlackBerry stopped operating BBM Music back in June 2013. The best bit is that PonoMusic agrees with GoMo News’ resident music guru, Mac Maclaren, who’s previously declared that FLAC really is the best digital music format there is.

So, why would Young need any help from a bunch of Brits? Simple, the company has agreements with all the major players in the music industry such as Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment, Warner Music Group and EMI.

And its technology helps stop music tracks being ripped off. Which is essential since Pono (which means righteous in Hawaiian) intends to operate an online service in addition to its iPod rival – the PonoPlayer.

The whole point about Pono is that it aims to let people listen to music in the highest possible audio quality. And as such has picked FLAC [Free Lossless Audio Codec].

GoMo News is proud of the fact that one of this site’s most popular posts is ‘The best audio file format for your smartphone‘ which names FLAC as the bestdigital music format.

We also interviewed MacLaren, head honcho @ Lemonrock for ‘4G could aid musicians using the new Pono music format‘. As he says – 4G could well make Pono a success.

Pono was, of course, supposed to launch in 2013. Now October 2014 is touted as the launch date for the PonoPlayer.

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