OnePlus has missed a trick by bundling Google apps

GoMo had big hopes for this CyanogenMod based handset

oneplus one - designed on an apple?

When we first heard that there was a handset being shipped with a version of the CyanogenMod mobile OS, here at GoMo Towers we got quite excited. That’s because we like the software and until now, ordinary consumers had to go through the complicated process of ‘rooting’ the handset to get it. However, OnePlus (which is part of the Chinese group – Oppo) has done a deal to ship its much-hyped ‘One’ handset with CyanogenMod version 11. [Not a first because the Oppo N1 shipped with CyanogenMod]. Anyway, the one thing we knew about CyanogenMod is that it doesn’t come as standard with all of Google’s apps. Sadly, the One does so we think OnePlus has missed a big trick.

Our gut feeling is that Nokia has lost a big chance with its X range of ‘forked’ Android devices. CyanogenMod basically being a forked version of Android, too.

With an X, the consumer escapes from the tyranny of the Google Play app store – only to get stuck with the Nokia Store instead.

If the OnePlus One had been a regular CyanogenMod handset, then users could have chosen to download the Google apps after purchase.

Which would have meant they could have accessed other app stores¬† besides Play.¬† The One could then have been a truly ‘Open’ handset.

We’re also not so sure about the wisdom of the OnePlus ‘invite’ system. In essence, you currently get ‘invited’ to purchase one of these devices.

We notice, however, that several vendors on eBay seem convinced they will be able to fulfil regular orders after August 29th [2014].

The invite system is a good way to build the hype – but once it’s over so is the glamour of owning one. It’s not usual any more.

Talking of hype, GoMo News was watching the promo video that is intended to ramp up the image of a OnePlus One as a ‘designer’ handset.

Have you noticed the make of the desktop computer which the designer/engineer is actually utilising to produce the concept of the One phone?

Yup. It’s an Apple Mac. How ironic is that?

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