Orange might take over from Vodafone at McLaren F1

Totally unfounded speculation from GoMo – again

we might see more orange on 2014 mclaren cars

As keen F1 fans will know that the McLaren Formula One team’s the key sponsor – Vodafone has pulled out of its deal with the British racing squad as of the 2014 season. Obviously the team is on the lookout for a new title sponsor. Theoretically, McLaren should have made an announcement concerning its sponsors on December 2nd [2013]. But nothing happened. That led to GoMo News speculating that Verizon Wireless might step into the breach now that its ties with Vodafone have virtually been severed. But here’s a new one. Orange (France Telecom) might be interested. Here at GoMo Towers we think that web site,, might be sitting on a much bigger story than it realises.

The site has revealed reports suggest that the Mclaren team could be “returning” to its bright orange paint job of yesteryear.

It notes that McLaren once used bright orange liveries for both their F1 and Can-Am racing cars starting with the M5A way back in 1968.

As soon as we saw the picture used, it triggered alarm bells here at GoMo Towers.

Search online for pics of the old Orange sponsored Arrows team and the paint schemes look remarkably similar.

Another clue is that for a company which supposedly has no direct connexion with Formula One racing, its news service has been running loads of F1 related stories recently.

Here’s a classic example … ‘McLaren boss Dennis Plots ¬£125m Share Swoop‘.

That could just be pure co-incidence that Orange is following McLaren. Just like the fact that GoMo hack, Tony Dennis,  shares the same surname as the McLaren head honcho.

Anyway, the McLaren team’s 2014 Formula One car is currently tipped to debut on January 25th [2014] and should be dubbed the MP4-29.

It would be good news for F1 if the French company re-enters the Formula One arena. After all, France’s Renault has a long history of supplying engines to F1 teams.

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2 Responses to Orange might take over from Vodafone at McLaren F1

  1. Paul Webster says:

    The McLaren in orange (colour) story started at Omnicorse (Italy) on December 23rd.

    Maybe McLaren simply have not done the title deal yet so have to pick something for now (with testing starting soon) so are picking something from their archives.

  2. admin says:

    You’re right. And the publication hints that McLaren cars used to be Orange when Ron Dennis first took over so the reason my be nostalgia. We like conspiracy theories so we’ve got fingers cross that Orange might step in.

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