Orange UK centre agent in SMS gaffe

Um, don’t call a subscriber “pathetic” by text

It’s the sort of gaffe [social error] which all mobile network operators [MNOs] must dread. A call centre agent who was blatantly fed up with an existing customer told her exactly what he/she felt. Via SMS (text). The agent allegedly sent UK customer, Emma Townsend, a text which read, “You are sooo PATHETIC.” Now, GoMo News feels for call centre agents who constantly have to deal with irate customers who can become very rude and abusive indeed. It’s one thing to be frustrated but an entirely different thing to commit your feelings to the digital world by send the customer a furious text (SMS).

Here at GoMo Towers we’d suggest Orange looks into how the centre agent knew he/she had been given an appallingly low score for customer satisfaction by the customer in question.

Ms Townsend’s partner is Carwyn Davis and the pair have a joint account in Emma’s name. A glitch in the system resulted in the couple receiving an abnormally large bill.

Carwyn was annoyed that Orange UK hadn’t been a bit more proactive and informed them directly that a previous bill had gone unpaid.

Ending his call to Orange in a huff [angry], the pair were then less than pleased when Orange’s help centre automatically sent them a customer satisfaction survey.

Being irate, the couple duly awarded Orange (and by default the call centre agent) the lowest possible score – 1 out of 10.

What’s obvious to Gomo News is that somehow the call centre agent got wind of [discovered] his or her abysmal satisfaction rating score and consequently sent the offending text.

GoMo feels for the agent because one of our readers was constantly getting both his Orange phones disconnected. Just like this pair, there was a problem with the direct debit failing.

It took three attempts to convince Orange that there was something wrong with the credit details it held and to rectify the situation by re-keying the necessary data.

The trouble is that incidents like this one rebound heavily on the MNO and illustrate how call centre agent training is sooo IMPORTANT.

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