Orange UK’s customer care causes mirth @ GoMo Towers

We’re not entirely sure they have thought this one through properly

It’s entirely our own fault. Here at GoMo Towers we have a constant battle with the bank which – for reasons best known to itself, keeps failing to pay the direct debit for our post paid contract. We have our suspicions as to why this is but let’s ignore that right now. Anyway, Orange cut off both our mobile phones for non-payment, so we had to make a call to the customer care department to get ourselves re-instated. That’s where the fun started. Because, after our conversation, Orange sent us an SMS asking what we thought of the service? Eight hours later we were eventually able to reply.

It’s pretty logical that if you don’t pay your bills, then you can hardly complain that your mobile phone has stopped working.

Except that it hadn’t stopped entirely. Whilst we had no internet access or ability to make voice calls, Orange obviously believes that it would be a great idea to allow marketing messages to still get through to a disconnected handset.

One of these marketing messages which arrived after we had duly paid our bill was, ” Overall how satisfied were you with the experience of contacting Orange?”

Unfortunately, you can’t actually reply to such messages if your handset has been disconnected for non-payment. Because you can’t text.

So, in order to discover if we’d been reconnected, GoMo News kept replying to the marketing message and dropping our score for how satisfied we were by one point every time our text/SMS didn’t get through.

As you can imagine, it didn’t take us very long to reach zero (0).

So we’d question just how valid is  the data Orange is getting back from users of its customer care centre?

To be fair, we eventually managed to get through with a score of 10 for satisfaction. After all, it wasn’t the call centre agent’s fault that we hadn’t paid the bill?

But it might just be worth looking into when you send out messages asking how satisfied customers are. And avoid doing so after incidents such as our own.

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Tony is currently Editor of GoMobile News. He's a veteran telecoms journalist who has previously worked for major printed and online titles. Follow him on Twitter @GoMoTweet.
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