the bugged infographic Probably the worst WP8 Hot Tip from Microsoft ever

Advice on custom ringtones virtually useless

One of the  missing features which is most irritating (for long-time Nokia users especially) is a lack of configurable ring tones. Nokia virtually invented the ringtone market so it is hard to see why it has tolerated the lack of easily configurable ringtones with its latest Windows Phone (WP8) handsets. Consequently, GoMo News was delighted to see a tweet which lead to an infographic – explaining how to install “custom ringtones”. Except when we tried to follow the instructions – they absolutely don’t work for us. Continue reading

mobile-airline-flight-airline-travel China Mobile able to throw light on missing MH370 – maybe

Did any passenger’s mobile roam onto a ‘foreign’ network?

GoMo News has deepest sympathy with the families of those passengers and crew members who have disappeared with Malaysian Airlines flight MH370. We know that at least 19 families were convinced that mobile handsets belonging their loved ones were still switched on four days after the flight first disappeared. These relatives have also been seen to vent their anger with the Malaysian authorities over lack of clear information about the tragedy. However, it could well be that China Mobile might be able to help the relatives out. Continue reading

mnos don't really need the banks - birch Mobile money should be like Yap rocks says Consult Hyperion’s Birch

So MNOs don’t really need financial institutions to make it work

Last night GoMo News had the pleasure of attending one of the City of London’s finest eateries courtesy of Chaz [Brooks] & Dave [Birch]. The discussion centred on the future of mobile money – a subject close to the heart of Consult Hyperion’s Dave Birch who will be speaking about it today [March 18th 2014] @ Tomorrow’s Transactions Forum 2014. Dave definitely likes to think outside the box as he suggested that the future of mobile money may not only be unrelated to existing financial/banking models but also unrelated to currencies and transactions. In a nutshell, Mr Birch is a fan of bitcoin and cyrptocurrencies in particular. And he compared bitcoin to the rocks used as currency by the Yap Islanders. Continue reading

our ray tracing IP is here - yassaie Imagination boasts new chip design will bring ‘cinematic realism’ to mobile devices

But will breakthrough be enough to counter slowdown in smartphone market?

UK chip designer, Imagination Technologies, claims to have raised the bar in ray traced graphics with its new Wizard architecture said to offer “cinematic realism” for mobile level devices upwards. The Wizard cores are said to provide immersive games and apps with more real-life dynamic lighting models allowing advanced lighting effects, dynamic soft shadows, and life-like reflections and transparencies, previously unachievable in a mobile form factor. PowerVR Wizard Ray Tracing IP is also said to be highly scalable, making it appealing to many other markets beyond mobile. Commented Imagination CEO Hossein Yassaie, “Our PowerVR GPUs have played a key role in driving the creation of entirely new categories of mobile devices and now we are changing the game again by bringing the next level of realism to mobile and consumer devices.” Continue reading

Juan_Taboada Webmoblink launches its RTB exchange for mobile & online ads

Webmoblink’s RTB Exchange allows its customers to benefit from programmatic advertising

Press release

February 27th 2014. Webmoblink, a leading global, independent and privately owned mobile ad network with a solid expertise in the LATAM and US Hispanic markets, has entered the programmatic exchange fray. Being the first mobile ad network to launch its own real-time bidding (RTB) marketplace for both mobile and online ad campaigns on top of its existing ad-serving platform. The company promises that Webmoblink’s RTB Exchange will allow its customers – on both the supply and demand sides – to benefit , as advertisers bid easily on individual impressions across both mobile and online ad campaigns and publishers tap into more real-time demand, leading to increased fill rates. Continue reading

- dyson 3UK banishes unpopular 0800 call charges

Three’s new pay monthly plans make calling 0800 free and 084 and 087 calls 5p per minute

It seems than innovative UK MNO [Mobile Network Operator], Three (3UK) has moved to banish one of the most fervent gripes that UK consumers have with the mobile operators. Namely, the cost of calling so-called ‘Freefone’ numbers starting with 0800. By complete contrast, until now for all mobile phone users 0800 calls have proved to be just the opposite – the most expensive calls to make. The same applies to supposed ‘local call’ numbers such as 0845 and ‘non-geographic’ 0870 numbers. In response, 3UK has introduced new plans which make calling 0800 free and 084 and 087 calls five pence per minute. Continue reading

3UK-tariff Brits shell out over £0.5bn on 08 calls each year

Three responds by making all 0800 numbers free on its new pay monthly plans
0800, 0845 and 0870 calls cost UK mobile consumers £600 million a year
Bill shock affects nearly half (47%) of mobile phone users
Three’s new plans make calling 0800 free and 084 and 087 calls 5p per minute

Press release

March 18th 2014. New research – conducted by YouGov – has found that mobile phone users are in the dark when it comes to the cost of making calls to 0800 numbers from their mobile phone. Three quarters of people surveyed have no idea how much their operator charges them for an 0800 call and 10 per cent think these are free, as they would be from a landline. Research also highlights that calls to 0800, 0845 and 0870 numbers cost UK mobile consumers an estimated £600 million a year. Continue reading

bango building on base of 120+ MNO integrations - anderson Bango upbeat despite posting £4.9m loss

User spending up 150% as app store activity grows

British mobile payments firm, Bango, suffered pre-tax losses of £4.9 million in 2013, latest figures reveal, after ramping up its workforce and data centres in line with a rise in customers. The loss compares to £2.6 million for the nine months of 2012, when it had a shorter accounting period. But on the positive side Bango says end user spending via its platform increased to £15.6 million from £6.2 million the year before, an increase of 150 per cent with growth largely driven by app store activity. Continue reading

consumers are always mobile - taylor EE targets retailers with omni-channel approach inc Wi-fi

Can be combined with heat maps

EE has introduced a new managed service, Connected Retail, that uses mobile connectivity in-store to improve the customer experience and open new revenue streams. The aim is to let retailers send customers personalised offers and promotions to their smartphone while they are in-store. It can be combined with heat mapping technology to anticipate queues at the checkout before they arrive. Continue reading