carphone_store Dixons-Carphone deal under threat from EE

UK’s largest MNO in threat to drop UK disties

The proposed merger between the white goods specialist – the Dixons Group (which includes PC World) and UK High Street mobile phone distributor, Carphone Warehouse, could be under threat from EE. Not a good prospect given that EE is the UK’s largest MNO [Mobile Network Operator] – made up as it is from Orange and T-Mobile. A story in the Sunday Telegraph here, claims the MNO might be considering cutting ties with the Carphone Warehouse or with its arch rival distie [distributor] Phones4U – or cutting ties with both. Continue reading

firas saeddadin Firas Saedaddin joins Yoose as regional head for EMEA

Mobile ad platform sees big opportunity to tap into this emerging market

A seasoned mobile media veteran with more than 15 years of international expertise in both telecommunications and enterprise communications, Firas Saeddadin has joined YOOSE as regional head for Europe, Middle East and Africa [EMEA]. The YOOSE mobile advertising platform broadcasts in-app display ads through an extensive global network of smartphone apps and sites. Prior to joining YOOSE, Firas was the service assurance domain lead for Alcatel-Lucent’s IP Platform Group. The appointment is part of in YOOSE’s strategic plan for full-scale expansion into the EMEA region. Continue reading

why keep searching south? MH370 pressure group launches fund raiser

Perhaps it needs to discover direct operator billing

A dramatic new development in the hunt for missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 occurred today [June 8th 2014] with the launch of a new $5 million appeal. A pressure group is hoping to raise enough money to encourage a ‘whistleblower’ to come forward to reveal details around the conspiracy theory that someone, somewhere knows something that would reveal where the missing aircraft actually is. Just like the search efforts, GoMo News firmly believes that the pressure group is looking in the wrong place. Plus they could raise money more effectively if they deployed direct operator billing. Continue reading

at least this app worked GoMo attempts to back Derby winner by mobile

Not having much luck with these betting apps

Besides viewing porn, of course, the one activity which mobile subscribers would persist in attempting to use the mobile internet for was placing bets. Hence, ever since the earliest days of WAP, the crew here at GoMo Towers have attempting to discover just how easy it currently is to place a bet on a horse race. And what better day to do it than today [June 7th 2014] when just down the road on Epsom Downs one of the UK’s most famous horse races will take place – the Derby. Did we find it any easier this year? No, we didn’t. Continue reading

taken in brazil with a lumia 920 Nokia in new stunt to pump up its mega-cameraphones

Lumia users enticed with up to £20,000/$33,500 in prize money

Finnish handset manufacturer, Nokia, appears to be making even more strenuous efforts to pump up its range of Lumia mega-cameraphones. Handsets like the Lumia 1020 and its successor, the Lumia 1050 boast a mind-boggling 41 megapixel camera. That’s not to say the cameras in other Lumia handsets aren’t up to scrathc because they are. Anyway, the handset supplier has come up in the UK with the Lumia Win Win Project. Beat the professionals using a Lumia cameraphone, and will match the prize money exactly. Although the samll print says the maximum payout is £20,000 ($33,500). Continue reading

JF Sullivan Apple’s toying with its iOS messaging prompts reaction

Acision reckons that MNOs should react with their own services

Apple’s proposed improvements to the iOS messaging application which were revealed at the company World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) in San Francisco this week [June 2014] have caused a stir. What with Samsung revealing its first ever Tizen phone at the same time and the same town, obviously San Francisco was the place to have been. Anyway, GoMo News has had its ears bent by Acision‘s CMO, JF Sullivan, on this very subject. Sullivan reckons that by filling the gaps of its iMessage service, Apple is levelling out the messaging playing field. Continue reading

intel's sousou showcased Z with qualcomm inside Next Tizen showcase in China not Russia

And the Samsung Z has a Qualcomm not an Intel processor

It seems that the The Tizen Developer Conference held this week [June 2014] in San Francisco, USA was such a success they’ve decided to hold another one. The 2nd Tizen Developer Summit 2014 will be held in Shanghai, China some time in October [2014]. That’s about as much information as is currently available. So keep looking here. To GoMo News this seems a rather odd choice of location given that about that time the Samsung Z – the first ever handset running Tizen, will actually go on sale in Russia. Why not hold it in Moscow? Continue reading

Tizen-shanghai2014 2nd Tizen Developer Summit Shanghai 2014

[ October 1, 2014 9:00 am to October 31, 2014 6:00 pm. ] Note: This event will take place some time in October

Organisers:Technical Steering Group (TSG)/Tizen Project
Venue: To be confirmed
Location: Shanghai, China

Registration: Not yet open

The 2nd Tizen Developer Summit 2014 is a regional, technical conference for Tizen developers, app developers, ISVs, platform designers, operators, OEMs, hardware vendors, software vendors, Open Source enthusiasts, and anyone engaged in Tizen. Continue reading

Ezequiel_Ortuno Guest Post: 7 key differences between Android and iOS users

by Ezequiel Ortuno, founder of EZQ Consulting

Develop an app that helps your business reach out to a wider audience and at the same time explores a new way of your marketing your products and services? Sounds a great idea! But, have you worked out the key differences between your Android and iOS users yet? One person using an Android device and another using an iOS device like the iPhone clearly indicates that both have different likes and preferences. Your app design and development must balance the needs of both Android and iPhone users and this is what can help your app succeed. So what are these differences? Let’s take a look … Continue reading