no black-box or managed-service - davies Adbrain gets the dosh to turbo-charge expansion

Mobile programmatic mobile ad specialist can fund more R&D

Adbrain – a company which claims it has developed the world’s first “truly transparent, customisable and intelligent” platform for programmatic mobile and multiscreen audience buying, has just received a major cash injection for European and US expansion. The money will be used to recruit “world-class talent to its accomplished engineering, big data and artificial intelligence teams.” That should help put it at the top of companies offering ‘programmatic mobile audience buying’ which – as GoMo News understands it, is an extremely useful adjunct to real-time bidding (RTB). Continue reading

Ehsan_mahmood Guest Post: My 5 best mobile app promotional videos producers

by Ehsan Mahmood, co-founder of TheAppMedia

These days, a very large number of software developers are developing all kinds of different apps to help mobile device users. Unfortunately, when there are countless apps available online, trying to get them noticed is a big concern for all the developers. Luckily, in order to help app developers who want to make their apps noticed, numerous mobile app promotional videos producers are available nowadays. My Five best mobile app promotional videos producers are detailed below. Funnily enough, my own company – Theappmedia, is one of them. Continue reading

image courtesy of Nexus 4 Bluetooth blues – an update

Try powering up without Wi-fi switched on

When we wrote ‘Bluetooth blues – Nexus 4 users just turn off Wi-fi‘ about a month ago [February 2014], the story proved to be a smash hit with GoMo News readers. Well, GoMo has recently been chatting to our tipster – Roger Newman of Apex Cars and he’s come up with something of an update. He’s discovered that simply turning the Wi-fi facility off within the Google Nexus 4 doesn’t necessarily cure the interference problems the handset experiences with Bluetooth. Especially when trying to attach an earpiece. The solution is to power up with Wi-fi switched off, he says. Continue reading

more comfortable  with a local number - markin Top Connect unveils Think Global, Act Local strategy for its Pre-Paid TravelSim service

Local numbers from device power-up

Press release

March 13th 2014. Telecommunications firm, Top Connect, has unveiled a Think Global, Act Local business policy that will see business travellers and tourists using the pre-paid TravelSim service being automatically provided with ‘local’ national numbers from device power-up. The rationale behind this policy is to encourage more data downloads when its user base are travelling, enabling them to obtain the best data rates available when they switch on their devices. Continue reading

zacconi - overnight multi millionaire Candy Crush flotation set to make founders overnight multi millionaires

IPO could mark a record for British mobile app makers

King, the London games studio behind the mobile hit Candy Crush, could soon make history after revealing it hopes to raise $7.6 billion (£4.5 billion) when it floats in New York later this month [March 2014]. The IPO figure, if achieved, could set a record for British mobile app firms and would make overnight multi millionaires of its founders CEO Riccardo Zacconi, whose 10 per cent stake alone could be worth as much as $745 million, while chairman Melvyn Morris, who owns a 12 per cent interest, could be in for even more of a windfall. Zacconi and Morris, a former director of Derby football club, first worked together at the Midlands-based matchmaking site uDate, which they sold for $150 million to Interactive Corporation in 2002. Continue reading

things need to communicate with the cloud - boland UK PM bigs up IoT & Neul in CeBit speech

We’ve always called it M2M before but apparently that isn’t trendy enough

It seems that the UK’s Prime Minister, David Cameron, has decided that his country should get into the Internet of Things (IoT) in a big way. The IoT is, of course, the latest spin on machine-to-machine [M2M] communications. Mr Cameron decided to pick his visit to the legendary high tech exhibition in Hanover, Germany – CeBit to announce UK funding for the IoT. At the show, he unveiling another £45 million funding for research which takes the grand total available to £73 million. In the course of his speech, David Cameron even had the chance to mention UK IoT specialist, Neul. Continue reading

cat b100 only waterproof to depth of 1 metre Mobile phones might provide clue to missing flight MH370

No reports they’ve been traced though

According to multiple Press reports, as many as 19 families have managed to call the mobile phones of their relatives/friends missing on a Malaysia Airlines flight. What’s more, it has even been suggested that Malaysian Airlines itself has got through to some of the crew’s handsets from flight MH370. If this is true, then the authorities would know, for example, what country the aircraft is in or near to. Plus from triangulation, they should also be able to guess roughly where the aircraft is located. The fact that authorities are continuing to search the seas indicates that there’s something seriously wrong with the theory that these phones are ringing onboard the plane. Continue reading

dixie's photo is in the post Guest Post: My highlights from MWC 2014 Barcelona

by Greg Beck, a tech writer who works with Hyperoptic

Each and every year, the Mobile World Congress (MWC) offers us the possibility of taking a good look at some of the latest and most exciting smartphones available on the market, but also allows us to discover new and ground-breaking devices and applications before anybody else. This year’s edition of the MWC took place between February 24th-27th [2014] in the city of Barcelona, where leading figures such as WhatsApp’s CEO, Jan Koum, and Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg, joined the audience in order to share their vision about what to expect in the near future. Continue reading

20bn device industry by 2020 - poulsen Tweakker adds new string – instant Internet

Making life easier for mobile operator call centre staff

Tweakker which specialises in mobile connectivity has added another string to its bow in the shape of instant internet access. This makes it easy for MNOs [Mobile Network Operators] and MVNOs [Mobile Virtual Network Operators] to add a data services for their connected customerbases. The first operator to benefit from this facility is Lebara – a leading MVNO. Tweakker has been able to extend its traditional business services from turnkey cross-channel access point name (APN) device set up to supplying solutions for instant internet access settings for all phone models, thanks to Tweakker’s automatic device configuration software. Continue reading