UK’s Mobile Infrastructure Plan isn’t working out

Rural mast rollout just hasn’t happened

It seems that the UK government’s good intentions in aiming to fund the rollout of cellular/4G to remote areas – so-called ‘not-spots’, just hasn’t worked. Known as the Mobile Infrastructure Plan (MIP), the intention was to provide around £150 million of funding to help build some 600 cellular masts. This initiative started some four years ago [2011] but to date [October 2015] a mere six have actually been completed. The onus is on the two UK mobile network infrastructure providers – Arqiva and the Wireless Infrastructure Group, to get the relevant planning permissions. But the dice are heavily loaded against them. Curiously, one unexpected consequence is that Airwave (the UK TETRA supplier) has been given a stay of execution. Continue reading

TalkTalk breach may aid security software vendors

UK MNOs should look to beef up their customer service systems

The extremely high profile cyber attack on one of the UK’s leading ISPs [Internet Service Providers] could prove good news for those offering security solutions for MNOs’ [Mobile Network Operators] customer service systems. The victim last week [October 2015] was TalkTalk. However, its parent company – the Carphone Warehouse, was a victim of a similar attack back in August [2015] when cyber criminals reputedly gained access to the bank details of 2.4 million customers. That number included some customers of Carphone’s MVNO [Mobile Virtual Network Operator] – Here at GoMo Towers we view this latest attack as a wake-up call for MNOs and suggest that UK based MNOs,  should look to beef up their customer service systems. Continue reading

two thirds + of  contract customers now 4g - milsom EE builds on lead as Europe’s largest 4G MNO

Adds 1.7 million accounts in just 3 months

It seems that leading UK MNO [Mobile Network Operator], EE, is continuing to acquire new 4G customers at an impressive rate. The operator has added 1.7 million accounts in just three months (up to September 30th 1015). That takes EE’s total 4G customer base to 12.6 million. The company hopes to hit 14 million 4G users by Q1 2016. It has also reached a milestone whereby over 50 per cent (52 per cent)  now have 4G. It attributes part of it 4G growth to tablets and also Apple iPhone sales. Good job, then that EE’s then CEO, Olaf Swantee, met up with Apple’s Tim Cook to ensure the latest iPhone supported EE’s own flavour of 4G (See ‘EE’s Swantee confirms personal intervention over iPhone 5‘). Continue reading

courtesy Tourist advice sites should track reviewers’ location

Sad tale of an Oxford Indian restaurant owner

One particular story which caught our attention here in GoMo Towers, concerned Aziz Rahman, the irate owner of an Indian restaurant in Oxford, England. His establishment, the Aziz, had been the victim of just one poor review – by a single alleged customer, on the trip advisory web site – TripAdvisor. It appeared that at least another four Indian restaurants in the same area had been the victims of poor reviews. One of the dead [obvious] giveaways was that all these low scoring reviews had recommended a rival Indian eating house. So Mr Rahman was eventually able to get the offending review revoked. However, this has struck the GoMo News team as an ideal opportunity for some go-getting trip advisory site by harnessing location technology. Continue reading

key to drive further into BYOD - stevanovski ACN’s Flash Wireless selects Tweakker for BYOD play

Press release

October 22nd 2015. Spirent Communications’ device intelligence business unit Tweakker has announced a US-wide connectivity and device guide agreement with Flash Wireless.  As the wireless division of ACN, the world’s largest direct seller of telecommunications, energy and essential services, Flash Wireless gives consumers the power to choose from the nation’s top networks, contract and no contract options, and the choice to bring along a favourite device or upgrade to a new one – and all at an outstanding value. Continue reading

How to: use a car’s auxiliary audio port instead of USB

Trying to stream music to an old British Ford Mondeo

Through a quirk of fate, the GoMo News team has found itself driving around a rather ageing Ford Mondeo saloon car. This vehicle very definitely boasts a factory fitted Bluetooth compatible music system. Sadly, all the music radio stations the system supports are all analogue FM services – not even DAB stations. Logically, therefore, the ideal means of rectifying the situation would be streaming music to the in-car system. In particular we would love to listed to our all-time favourite radio station – Chill, which is only available in broadcast format as DAB or internet. Obviously, we could stream Chill to the car via our Motorola Moto G handset. The only problem? The Mondeo’s system appears to have no obvious way to do this. Enter the ESYNiC Bluetooth audio receiver which has solved the problem. Read on … Continue reading

lolly_502 Motorola continues to support older Moto Gs

New OS update takes 2nd Gen models to 5.0.2 Lollipop

Proving that it hasn’t deserted its loyal fans, long-standing mobile handset supplier, Motorola has just released a new OS software update for Moto G (2nd Gen) by handsets. The handset maker revealed that the latest update cures a ‘Stagefright’ security vulnerability. Here at GoMo Towers, of course, we’d not heard of Stagefright before but assume it must be a well-known threat. In addition to clearing up this possible security weak point, Motorola says the latest version offers valuable OS stability improvements. Given that we’ve accidentally cracked the screen on the latest (3rd Gen) Motorola Moto G, this is very welcome news for us using our 2nd gen model. Particularly since we’d noticed some bugs afflicting this particular version of the Moto G. Continue reading

karl_whitfield Application-to-Person connects more people than any other platform says OpenMarket

SMS is more prevalent than any global language

A recent report from OpenMarket and and Portio Research has found that of the 7.3 billion people worldwide, 6.1 billion use an SMS-enabled phone. This amounts to 84 per cent of the global population – making text/SMS more prevalent than any global language. Moreover, it also means that Application-to-Person (A2P) connects more people than any other platform in human history. OpenMarket argues that this makes SMS the ideal mechanism for businesses to use to communicate with their customers.  The Portio Research report – entitled ‘SMS: The language of 6 billion people‘,  promotes a ‘mobile first’ mind set and the growing emphasis on content personalisation. It also reveals three megatrends that are shaping the way consumers purchase goods and services, and interact with brands. Continue reading

jay-emmet OpenMarket research shows that personalisation is key to enterprise comms

SMS remains the top global language with 84 per cent of adults using a text-enabled mobile device

Press release

October 14th 2015. OpenMarket, a leader in enterprise mobile engagement, and Portio Research, a UK-based market research firm, have announced the launch of a new report on the trends driving communications technology globally. The Portio Research report, sponsored by OpenMarket and titled ‘SMS: The language of 6 billion people‘ examines the shift towards a ‘mobile first’ mind set, the unprecedented reach of SMS, and the growing emphasis on content personalisation. It also reveals the three megatrends that are shaping the way consumers purchase goods and services, and interact with brands. OpenMarket and Portio Research will present a 60-minute webinar on October 29th [2015] to discuss the report findings. Continue reading