ee_shop EE online store fails to impress

Could even help to damage the BT brand

Here at GoMo Towers, the team firmly believes that UK MNO [Mobile Network Operator], EE, desperately needs to shake up operations at its online accessories store. products on offer are not only significantly overpriced but delivery times can only be described as “slow”. The crucial point here is that EE will very soon become part of the BT (formerly British telecommunications) empire. It is rumoured that BT favoured EE over O2 because fhe former had a stronger High Street presence. But a service such as this ( can only serve to damage the brand rather than enhance it. Admittedly, GoMo is comparing it to just one rival service. But that service just happens to be massive market leader, Amazon. Continue reading

off_f1_app Microsoft really has lost the OS battle to Android

Our guide to FGRNTLAW for the curious

Regular readers might be wondering how our recent story about Microsoft’s treatment of Non-US MNOs (see here) is linked to Five Good Reasons Not To Leave Android for Windows [FGRNTLAW] need puzzle no longer. The link is Announcify from Thomas Taschauer an app which is one of the chief reasons why the GoMo News team can’t migrate to a Windows Phone 10 powered (Nokia) Lumia 640 from Android powered devices such as Motorola’s Moto G. Any half decent smartphone should easily be able to speak the name of the incoming caller. Our test Lumia can’t do that. Anyway, it turns out that Announcify didn’t come Top in our five must-have apps. The Top place is a straight fight between the Official Formula One app and AppEffectsUK‘s Bus CountDown. Continue reading

Non-US MNOs treated shabbily by Microsoft

Must-have features missing from foreign Windows Phone versions

Whilst researching a feature for GoMo News with a working title of Five Good Reasons Not To Leave Android for Windows [FGRNTLAW], the team couldn’t help but notice the shameful way that Microsoft is treating Non-US MNOs. There are must-have features buried inside Windows Phone [WP] which handset power users would dearly love to unleash. But it seems that The Beast Of Redmond (Microsoft) has decided that those living outside North America don’t merit their inclusion in the versions of WP it ships to non-US MNOs [Mobile Network Operators. Included here are some key handset capabilities such as announcing the name of the incoming caller. Or speaking the content of incoming text/SMS messages. These oversights can be cured by Android power users by going to Google Play and downloading an app. Mostly, however, so equivalent apps are available on the Windows app Store. Continue reading

itunes presents the major obstacle MNOs must unite to confront iPhone migration issues

The real obstacle is protected iTunes music

The Sunday Telegraph reports here that MNOs [Mobile Network Operators] are trying to put pressure on Apple to make it easier to switch from an iPhone to an Android based handset from the likes of Samsung. The motivation is clear. iPhone users are by default high spending individuals. However, few Apple Fanbois ever defect from the iPhone to highly priced rivals such as the Samsung Galaxy range. The knub of the problem, MNOs believe, is that it is very difficult to transfer personal data from an iPhone to an Android alternative. Most of the data can be transferred  but the real killer is trying to migrate DRM protected iTunes music from an iPhone to something else. But this is an issue on which MNOs need to present a united front. Continue reading

BT looks set to acquire EE

Biggest threat is to potential new MVNOs

It seems that the UK’s CMA – the Competition & Markets Authority, has decided that Britain needs to go back to the days of a dominant Telco in the shape of BT – formerly British Telecom. The CMA is expected to give the nod to the £12.5 billion acquisition of UK MNO [ Mobile Network Operator] – EE by BT. So in addition to owning the UK’s copper broadband network, it will also own two former MNOs in the shape of Orange and One2One. Even better than when it simply owned Cellnet – now O2. The joke is that the UK’s two smallest MNOs – 3 & O2 will probably be prevented from merging in order to compete. Continue reading

BTEasy_bluetooth Amazon accidentally comes to rescue of EE’s store

UK MNO’s online store leaves a lot to be desired

Appreciating just how online searching works has never been one of UK MNO [Mobile Network Operator] EE‘s strong points. After all this is the company which called itself Everything Everywhere before abbreviating to EE. Here at GoMo Towers we’ve just struggled to purchase an accessory from EE’s online accessories store. The item in question is a Bluetoth car visor. All we had was one simple question – does it auto-answer incoming calls? Could we find a way of asking EE? No. So we eventually found the answer on Amazon instead here. Continue reading

on-boarding connectivity issues - yunus Malaysia provides Tweakker with entry into Asian MVNO market

redONE views Tweakker’s device Guides as key to fuel growth

Tweakker, the mobile device intelligence unit of Spirent Communications has just gained entry into the  MVNO [mobile virtual network operator] market thanks to Malaysia’s redONE. The Malaysian cellular market is hotting up. Over 51 per cent of Malaysia’s 35 million mobile subscribers now have smartphones, according to redONE’s CEO, Farid Yunus. He reckons that figure can only rise in the years ahead as feature phones gradually disappear. The problem is trying to ‘onboard’ customers as quickly as possible. Tweakker’s self-care smartphone Device Guides plus call centre agent training provide an obvious solution. Continue reading

smarter products for a connected world - poulsen Tweakker wins debut MVNO contract in Asia

Malaysian MVNO redONE sees Tweakker’s Device Guides as key to customer engagement and continued subscriber growth

Press release

January 7th 2016. Spirent Communications has announced  that the firm’s mobile device intelligence unit - Tweakker has won its first contract with a mobile virtual network operator [MVNO] in Asia. Called redONE , the contract enables the MVNO to embed Tweakker’s self-care smartphone Device Guides on its website with a link to Tweakker’s cloud. After training provided by Tweakker, customer care agents will be able to reference them to minimize the time it takes when on-boarding new subscribers if they experience difficulties in getting online. Continue reading

swantee- may hand over to Allera EE’s Swantee reveals his potential successor

As long as the BT merger goes ahead, of course

You’ve got to admit that he’s done a really good job. EE‘s current head honcho, Olaf Swantee, has pulled off a number of stunts which the vast majority of those in the industry would have thought impossible. However, now that it seems that the Powers That Be are going to give the nod to the acquisition of two of the UK’s leading mobile networks by the country’s incumbent telecoms provider (BT), Swantee is thinking of moving on to pastures new. And if that happens, he’s expecting an EE colleague, Marc Allera, to take over. Continue reading